LAT Trumpets 'Longtime Republicans' For Obama

The fervent cheerleading for Barack Obama by the Los Angeles Times continues to roar. We've documented the staunch pro-Obama position at the Times several times before: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here - for starters. Now check out the images from today's front page (Sun. 10/12/08). While a comfortable Barack Obama happily basks in the sun in a bright backdrop of red, white, and blue, a frail-looking John McCain is pictured in the dark with a faint and blurry flag in the distance. Equal coverage? Not even close.

Then there's the accompanying article, "Obama rides a wave of bad economic news." The Times happily cribs from the hackneyed "lifelong Republican-turned-Democrat" playbook:

WASHINGTON -- For months, Mark Wagner stuck by John McCain, even as the economy stalled and other Americans came to blame Republican leadership. Then, about three weeks ago, the deepening economic downturn pushed him to reconsider.

Now, the Florida salesman and staunch Republican has abandoned the GOP ticket. Sarah Palin, he thinks, looks under-equipped to be vice president. And McCain, he says, displayed an unsteady response to what may be a global economic depression.

You get the point. The Times is so gleeful over the thought of an Obama presidency, they've thrown any sense of originality or objectivity out the window.

Meanwhile, if you're looking in the Times for any sober examination of Obama's minimal political achievements or dubious associations - good luck. ("ACORN" or "Ayers," anyone?) Such coverage has been minimal - at best. Yet the Times remains fixated to report any negative portrayal of Sarah Palin that they can (link).

Boy - it must be nice to be Barack Obama and have the media so much on your side!

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