No BS about the Wall Street Mess

When the Dow hit below 8,000, the media went nuts, crying the economy was on the brink of collapse. But a lot of that same economy is still doing quite well, despite the mainstream media. Businessman Dan Kennedy, a new columnist with the Business & Media Institute, shows how skewed the standard view really is.

Between 91 and 94 percent of all home mortgages in the United States are current, not teetering at foreclosure. The overwhelming number of banks, particularly community banks, have been managed responsibly and are not on the brink of collapse. The vast majority of public corporations with stock values depressed by 20 or 30 percent are in no way connected to the mortgage meltdown, Wall Street's house of cards or the collapsing auto industry. They are well-managed companies and their fundamentals are sound. And there are still productive, successful, optimistic people.

Kennedy ought to know. He is a successful entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and the author of 13 books. Kennedy is especially known for his seven "No BS" books and that is the title of his new BMI column. Kennedy reaches well over 1-million independent business owners annually with newsletters, speaking engagements and meetings around the country.

The column is honest about the problems facing the country and how to handle them. Kennedy points out:

Of course there are serious economic problems that require urgent fixing. That is best done, largely, with private capital, not the stampede to socialism made palatable through the marketing of crisis and manufacture of panic we've seen orchestrated - with a woefully ignorant media, parroting panic-talking points.

Read more at the Business & Media Institute and get used to finding straight talk from a man famous for "No BS."

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