Biden ‘Is Coming for You!’; Reid, Pals Hype WH Mandates, Smearing of 80 Million People

September 10th, 2021 11:45 AM

The pom-poms and riot gear were out in full force Thursday night on MSNBC’s The ReidOut as, thanks to Joy Reid and a murderer’s row of shameless liberal hacks, the show trumpeted President Biden’s angry, seething address as proof that he’s going to “war” against 80 million unvaccinated Americans, making clearly that he’s “coming for” them and governors like Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for “want[ing] Covid everywhere” even if means “slap[ping] you with a stick.”

The panel emphasized that Biden’s actions were legal because of the pandemic and “the immense reserves of federal power that have existed under for this entire 250-year experiment” since “[t]he government can require people to be healthy.” Of course, they believed Texas’s pro-life law does the opposite. Oh, and Reid is still mortified of going to an indoor restaurants. Talk about a sad human being.



And that all was on top of the fact that Reid compared Biden implementing vaccine mandates to Ulysses S. Grant and George Washington.

Reid jump-started the brain drain by gushing to PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor that “[t]his is a President who has decided if it's going to be war, it's going to be war against the vaccine and any governors who stand in his way.”

Reminding the world why PBS should be defunded, Alcindor described Biden as “put[ting]” people “on notice” and saying “I’m coming for you” because “if you don't get vaccinated, not only are you putting the country at risk but you yourself are going to face dire consequences.”

She also deemed it “important” that Biden went the angry route because “[t]he patience is now wearing thin and we are in a new phase where people need to get it together,” “stop playing games with the vaccine,” and “get your life together.”

Reid kvetched that not every elected official was on board with “the usual suspects” “freaking out about what they heard” and predicted DeSantis would have a forceful response since “he wants Covid on cruise ships, he wants Covid in the schools. He wants Covid everywhere. Apparently wants to spread it everywhere.”

She went next to The Nation correspondent Elie “Mad Scientist Fat Albert” Mystal for an explanation as to why Biden’s radical measures were legal. Mystal was happy to oblige in arguing that the vaccine mandates are about public health and government being able to “require people to be healthy” whereas Texas’s pro-life measure was anything but (click “expand”):

REID: The argument that's being made against what the President is doing is that somehow it is illegal, he cannot enforce businesses to abide by these mandates and that he is behaving somehow as a dictator. Talk about the legal backing for what the President is doing. Does he have one? 

MYSTAL: Of course he has one. Welcome to the immense reserves of federal power that we have existed under for this entire 250-year experiment. Of course, the federal government can mandate basic health and safety regulations. The same power that allows TSA to take off my shoes and molest me because I want to go to South Dakota allows the federal government to mandate a vaccine and mandate testing at the employment level. For the labor — for the labor situation, the constitutional authority is a little bit attenuated, but Biden is giving them, I think, a very interesting choice, right? You can have your employees — if you have more than 100 employees, you can have them be vaccinated, you can test them every week or you can pay them to stay home because they're sick. If you don't want to comply, pay your employees to stay home. That's your option too, employers. So, that — that really covers all of your legal bounds. There is simply no argument and I particularly will not stand for and will not hear it from the forced birth aficionados, right? The same people that you just listed over there that are now arguing against the mask mandates are the same people who have been running around for a week saying it's okay to force a woman to bring pregnancy to term against her will. That is ridiculous. Those people can take all of the seats, alright? Dan Crenshaw needs to sit down before he faints under the weight of his hypocrisy for where we are right now. Of course, vaccine mandates are legal and of course, forcing women to give birth is not and if you can't understand that, I suggest you read this document [HOLDS UP A POCKET CONSTITUTION], which explains it to you. 

REID: Yeah. I mean, really quickly, you know, DeSantis hasn't responded yet, but he's actually gone to court trying to force cruise ships to let unvaccinated people who might have covid on their ships. Like, he's lost a bunch of cases because he's trying to force schools and private businesses to allow potentially infected people onboard. Elie, does it surprise you that he keeps losing when he tries to make that argument in court? Because he's doing the opposite. He's like, “my government power’s going to be used to let covid in.”

MYSTAL: Here's the simplest way to understand this. The government can require people to be healthy. It cannot require people to get sick. It's as simple as that. When you are trying to force private businesses to get their customers sick, you can't do that.

Alcindor had more fawning to do seeing as how Biden’s speech was both “common sense” and “logical” to force vaccination as he also attacked elected Republicans (and painting with as broad a brush as possible) are “trying to bully people into being sick” and teachers to work “in unsafe environments.”

“[A]s much as he tries to be, you know, the nice, compassionate, consoler in chief...this is also President Biden saying I will slap you with a stick and then move you out of the way, Ron DeSantis, if I have to,” she added.

Reid ended on a partially amusing, partially deranged, and partially sad note as she told NYU professor Dr. Uché Blackstock that, despite being heavily masked and vaccinated, she’s “still afraid to eat in an indoor restaurant” (click “expand”):

REID: Yeah and the last word to you, Dr. Blackstock, I know as somebody who is still afraid to eat in an indoor restaurant because I am afraid of Covid and who, as a parent that I'm afraid that my kids will eat at an indoor restaurant, I would feel so much confident and comfortable doing that myself or knowing my kids were doing it if they — if I knew that everyone in that space was vaccinated. In your view, just as a medical professional, is this a confidence-building measure that, in the end, will make people feel more comfortable utilizing some of these businesses and their services? 

BLACKSTOCK: Sure. Well, Joy, I have the same concerns even in my personal life, so what vaccine mandates will do is they will make workplaces, health care settings safer. People will be less likely to get sick. They will be less likely to get hospitalized, less likely to die.

Once you strip away the lunacy of this seemingly permanent intransigence about going out in public, it’s a sad way to live your life and a real detriment to your mental health.

Reid and her panel showing hatred for 80 million Americans and claiming DeSantis wants as many Covid cases as possible was allowed thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Allegra, Discover, Farmers Insurance, and Liberty Mutual. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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