Ben Shapiro Torches Media Silence on Elder Attack, Biden Over Covid Mandates

September 10th, 2021 2:02 PM

Appearing on Friday’s Fox & Friends, conservative podcast host and Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro came loaded for bear and torched the Biden administration over its coronavirus vaccine mandates, the liberal media refusing to give real airtime to the egg attack on California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder (R), and the “utter yellow belly cowards” at Google for placing him on a “white supremacy pyramid” during an employee training.

Asked by co-host Steve Doocy if The Daily Wire would comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with at least 100 employees, Shapiro said they wouldn’t and instead will “use every method and resource at our disposal to defy” Biden’s “authoritarian,” “tyrannical,” and “unconstitutional” edict.



Shapiro explained that such a response is already underway as “we are staffing up right now on the legal side” and “getting any lawsuit ready that needs to be gotten ready” against the OSHA “provisions” that are “wildly overbroad.”

He also made clear that his opposition “is coming from somebody who’s very pro-vaccine” in that he “was vaccinated as soon as possible” and “encouraged...pretty much everybody to get the vaccine.”

“[Biden] came into office saying ‘I’m not going to shutdown the economy, I’m not going to shutdown the country. I’m going to shutdown the virus.’ He’s failed to shut down the virus and, now, he’s going to shut down the economy and the country, apparently,” he added.

Shapiro continued to unload about the toxic implications of turning neighbor against neighbor (click “expand”):

We’re not even a year into this presidency and this is a failed president on every level and so he’s attempting to redirect all of the ire at his presidency at your fellow Americans. You’re supposed to be angry at your neighbor for unvaccinating if you’re vaccinated, even though Joe Biden himself yesterday said that your unvaccinated neighbor effectively poses no threat to you. 

Instead, Joe Biden wants you to be angry at that neighbor as opposed to him. Here’s the reality: If you don’t like lockdowns; if you don’t like mandates; look at the person who’s attempting to issue the lockdowns and the mandates; the person who’s attempting to control American business top-down, who’s attempting to control every school in America top-down. Maybe you should direct your anger at that person, not the person living next door.

The discussion then shifted to next week’s California gubernatorial recall election and Wednesday’s attempt by a white woman in a gorilla mask (with pink hair) to throw eggs at Elder during a campaign event.

After playing a clip of Elder responding to attack by mentioning how a hit piece in The New York Times never mentioned his skin color (while a separate one touted the gender of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul), Doocy remarked to Shapiro that “there seems to be a double standard in this country when it comes to conservatives.”

Shapiro obviously agreed: “[I]f Larry Elder were a Democrat we know it would have been front-page news. There would have been talk about how this white woman throwing an egg at a black man was just evidence that nothing has changed over the past 150 years.”

Alas, there wasn’t widespread media outrage because, as Shapiro noted, the Los Angeles Times has informed its fellow lefties that “that Larry is the actual white supremacist,” so “the woman who is throwing eggs at him while wearing a gorilla mask is an anti-racism activist.”

Following some political prognosticating on the election, co-host Ainsley Earhardt pivoted to asking Shapiro about a slide from a Google “anti-racism training” that “features you at the base of” a “white supremacy pyramid.”

Shapiro promptly eviscerated this “unbelievable” lie: “It’s pathetic that the most powerful company on planet purveying misinformation and lies to its own employees and it’s just demonstrative of the fact that corporations have gone woke because they are filled with cowards or are afraid of the radical left.”

Reminding the world that he’s “an orthodox Jew” who’s “been extraordinarily outspoken against white supremacy to the point where the FBI had to arrest somebody,” Shapiro said Google is made up of “utter yellow belly cowards” who don’t seem to care.

Doocy closed out the segment with an inquiry about the extent to which Google has harmed The Daily Wire (click “expand”):

DOOCY: Well, Ben, have you no — okay, so that’s what they are doing with their training of employees but when it comes to Google the search engine, has their algorithm impacted you or your business? 

SHAPIRO: Well, it sort of depends on the timing. So, there have been problems with Google in the past where the way that their search algorithm works is that — results that are unflattering to conservatives come up regularly or they had a Google fact-check for awhile that was specifically directed only against conservative outlets. Not just mine but others like the Daily Caller or Breitbart. We do have to cope with this from time to time, and none of that is really a surprise to anybody on the right side of the aisle.

To see the relevant FNC transcript from September 10, click here.