Evil Joy Reid, Guests: Conservatives Are Murderous Enemies of the People

May 28th, 2021 12:22 AM

Leaving no mistake about whether Comcast-owned MSNBC and ReidOut host Joy Reid believed that conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who disagreed with them were enemies of the people, Reid and her venomous band of guests spent Thursday’s show demanding liberals tell Americans that the GOP “wants you to die,” have “your whole government...be decapitated,” and see all 435 members of Congress killed, regardless of party.

They also made sure to further Reid’s personal campaign of venom against Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), saying he’s “out of control” and that his refusal to ax the filibuster was proof that not only does he cares more about keeping “Jim Crow” America alive than “saving our democracy,” but that he had wished his fellow Democrats were killed on January 6.



Reid began the show in the pit of misery, reminding viewers of how, as of January when Democrats retook the Senate after a six-year absence, the filibuster became a “Jim Crow-era rule” that Republicans were using “for the first time in this legislative session” to block the partisan January 6 commission.

She turned her guns to Manchin while speaking to Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), lamenting that Manchin was a person she “really” doesn’t “get to be honest with you” and started by asking him: “What’s his deal?”

Van Hollen noted Manchin’s support for the commission, but that wasn’t enough as Reid said “our democracy is on a razor edge and rather than focus on saving our democracy from what these extremists that now form the base of the Republican party are doing...people like Joe Manchin are casually talking about preserving artifacts of the Senate.”

“He seems more fixated on holding onto Jim Crow rules in the Senate than in saving our democracy,” she added.

In the next block, she upped the ante by claiming without evidence that, since Senate Republicans don’t care about the threats then-Vice President Mike Pence faced and if their staff members had died, “there is no” point in “bipartisanship.”

MSNBC contributor and charlatan Jason Johnson did his part to turn up the temperature, saying Manchin has been “spout[ing] this nonsense” about bipartisanship and compromise “in the face of an attempt to murder him and everybody with a ‘D’ in their name” and, because of that, each of Manchin’s fellow Democrats should inform him that “you want me dead as much as Republicans do.”

Up next, Reid insisted Republicans wanted to make sure Democrats never win another election again and faux Republican and former Cuomo aide Susan del Percio screamed about how Manchin doesn’t believe in “protecting our democracy” (click “expand”):

REID: Well, they'll try again, Susan, and next time they might succeed because they're setting up in the states to make it so they can just outright steal elections that only Republicans decide who wins.


DEL PERCIO: And just to follow up on what Jason said, you know, Joe Manchin, if you can't get bipartisanship on protecting our democracy, you're not getting it for anything, and you should use this as the reason, and it will be —


DEL PERCIO: — make sense to everybody —

REID: Everyone.

DEL PERCIO: — why we must get rid of the filibuster —


DEL PERCIO: — because there's literally no chance of anything else happening.

After del Percio got worked up about Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) being insufficiently partisan, Reid demanded Manchin be “stop[ped]” because he’s “out of control” and “think[s] he's the majority leader.”

Johnson agreed that Manchin’s “flex” was “not impressive” or “making anyone happy,” but then turned to the most sinister part of the segment as he said elected Democrats need to spend “every single minute of every single day” telling anyone and everyone that the GOP and its voters would like to see “you to die” (click “expand”):

JOHNSON: The Democrats have this conflict between what they think is supposed to be the way government works and what the people actually want. The American people want an answer. The American people want to feel safe. If Joe Biden can go out and say, “hey, look, there are a lot of Republicans out there running on this recovery act they voted against,” I don't know why Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren and all the leadership aren't running around the country saying, “the Republican party wants you to die. They didn’t want you to get money for COVID and they want your whole government to be decapitated. That should be the answer out of Chuck Schumer's mouth every single minute of every single day as opposed to some variation of Susan Collins of, “I'm concerned that the party

REID: Yeah.

JOHNSON: — who’s been acting the same way for the last 35 years continues to act that way.”

Folks, never, ever go full Alan Grayson.

Reid piled on, continuing to hurl harmful and possibly dangerous rhetoric against her political opponents: “This is a party of sedition, violence, white nationalism, and what we're hearing from even the President is we're going to work with them. Really?”

Unfortunately for the sanity of NewsBusters, these three miscreants offered up another segment painting those who aren’t left-of-center as no only wrong, but despicable human beings worthy of being shunned.

Seeming to get a sugar high off of families and friends of differing political viewers suffering ugly divorces, they insisted that the entire GOP consists of “a completely crazy cult” of nothing but “Q-Anon supporters” and completely devoid of genuine policy ideas.

Reid also rehashed her feelings about the Tea Party, saying they were no “better” than Q-Anon and did “all these loony things, hanging Donald — President Obama in effigy” and existed because white Americans don’t like seeing Black people in positions of leadership.

If you’re a masochist who — for some reason — wants to see more from that segment’s transcript (as well as the transcript from the previous segment showing more hot takes), click here.

This hateful rhetoric that conservatives and Republicans “want” their fellow Americans “to die” and see all 435 members of Congress murdered was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as ClearChoice, Kayak, Roman, Sandal’s. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page and let them know about how they supported such ugly rhetoric.