Gutfeld Wars Against Liberal Media Treating Pandemic Like ‘Divisive Playground’ ‘Fueled by Bias’

March 31st, 2020 10:41 PM

Along with Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze), there’s perhaps no one more capable of eviscerating the liberal media’s partisan dishonesty with a sense of humor than Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld.

Between monologues on his eponymous Saturday night show and Tuesday’s The Five, Gutfeld derided the media firefighters as “dumbbells….who [view] themselves as the protagonist in every issue, and you always the bad guy” and have “framed this [coronavirus] pandemic as their divisive playground.”



Gutfeld started Saturday by noting how Americans “[w]e can hold this country together, with or without the media's help and believe me, they aren't helping much if at all.” That was in teeing up a clip of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough suggested the President and supporters want elderly people to die.

He responded by calling Scarborough a “preening bucket of farts” who “has nothing but…his own voice which drips with thirst bile.”

Reacting to a mash-up of lefties, Gutfeld quipped that he hadn’t “seen that many dumbbells since they closed my gym” with White House reporters serving as proof that the media see “themselves as the protagonist” while we, the people, weren’t.

After a clip of Gutfeld warning about the virus on January 28, he blasted the liberal media debating whether to carry Coronavirus Task Force briefings and noted that “so many things don’t fit inside the media’s narrative,” such as ducking the unseemly parts of the rescue package or highlighting China’s attempt to cover up the virus.

Here are some other highlights (click “expand”):

Instead, the press lauded the Chinese for their quick government response. The media happily confused a potentially life-saving drug with a toxic chemical used in fish tanks. They all tweeted about it, giddy at the thought that Trump touting a drug actually used by doctors might have killed some guy who swallowed poison because he was careless, but that story was false. The guy didn't take the drug Trump touted. He took fish tank cleaner.


[M]aybe it's me, but I'm starting to think the media has its collective heads up their collective asses, and it's all fueled by bias.


So lucky for the media, they may get there apocalypse. 3.28 million filed for unemployment last week, the highest number since we started tracking it in 1967. That's the cost of the shutdown….Of course, the media will report on these job numbers as if it was Trump's fault. And it's as if they knew it was coming, and were warning about it, forgetting that it was Trump who was on it before they were. Just like how they forget who was first concerned about China way back when? Oh yes, that was Trump, too, and again what occupied the media's time as this pandemic first spread? Yes, while the disease was bubbling up, they were frothing over impeachment hearings. But what if they hadn't? What if they had they been looking out for you? Would they have seen this crisis coming? Look, I've got no doubt we will exit this dark period stronger and better than before. Jobs will return. The economy will roar back. The truth will come out and we will have saved many lives, and the only sickness that lingers, the one that seems impervious to drugs is the media's own incurable bias. That's to keep your distance permanently.

Fast-forwarding to Tuesday, Gutfeld was still running hot, starting this monologue with the point that “[w]hen faced with criticism, the media will say it’s their job to hold people accountable.”

This led Gutfeld into slamming the liberal media (some as “non-essential bozos with blue checkmarks”) for their attempt to beat down MyPillow founder Mike Lindell for not only speaking at Monday’s briefing, but referencing the Bible.

As Gutfeld pointed out, “the object of [their] ridicule will save lives” as Lindell has turned MyPillow into making masks for medical professionals.

“So, as we strive to unite against one of the greatest foes we've ever faced, you've got to ask does that really help,” he added.

Following the clip of Chuck Todd wondering if President Trump has “blood on [his] hands” regarding the coronavirus, Gutfeld opined that “the media framed this pandemic as their divisive playground” where, “[f]or them, the perfect medication is a cheap shot.”

Gutfeld concluded by decrying the entire use of the phrase “blood on your hands” as a waste because the “game can be extended indefinitely to everyone,” including much of the liberal media.

Co-host Jesse Watters and fill-in co-host Dagen McDowell joined in (click “expand”):

WATTERS: On Chuck Todd and Nancy, we’re at war. You can either be with us or you can be against us. There are some people in this country that are trying to help and there are some people in this country who are trying to divide. Listen, the President, the Democrats, no one has been perfect. We were slowing with the testing, but very quick with the travel ban and that's been much more critical in saving lives. We can play this game all day about who is positive, who is negative, and when that happened. Nancy Pelosi, just a couple weeks ago, was in downtown San Francisco telling everybody to go to Chinatown, get in the big crowd, go to the restaurants and shop. He was telling everybody about impeachment while this virus was spreading. Chuck Todd moderated a Democratic presidential debate just a little while ago. You know how many questions he asked about the virus? Zero. We can do this all day long. It's not important, but what is important as everybody needs to get on the same page and to help.


MCDOWELL: So, I think all of these people who have --- sit in front of TVs for a living need to go in the boudoir or their man cave and look in the mirror and ask themselves, am I my rooting for catastrophe, for a death, for dying, for suffering because it might benefit myself somehow and I might have more power? Because I think they need a real hard check and a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, “at the end of the day, do I just need to shut up?”