Levin Cites NewsBusters in Ripping Obama as ‘the Most Vicious, Vile Attack President’ Ever

June 3rd, 2016 1:16 PM

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin began his show on Thursday night by citing a Wednesday post from this writer about President Obama gushing over PBS’s “civility” to set up his opening monologue that included him referring to the President as having “been the most vicious, vile, attack President that I can think of.”

The never-dull Levin TV founder started by lamenting that not only has Obama “out there flowing around sounding crazier than ever” but “Hillary Clinton is out there sounding crazier than ever” and “Trump’s out there firing back.”

Leading into the clip from my NewsBusters article, Levin explained: “I want you to hear this to lay the foundation of what I want to talk about here. Obama at a PBS town hall meeting, praising the “civility” of PBS, attacking the rest of us. Hat-tip NewsBusters, cut 13, go.”

After listeners heard the President complimenting PBS and host Gwen Ifill for being “all about civility,” Obama went onto blame the split in American politics on the media and specifically talk radio: “But I do think the TV culture, the reality culture contributes to this because what happens — and talk radio culture. What happens is that politicians get the most attention the more outrageous they sound.”

Levin cut right to the chase after the soundbite in dubbing the President “the most vicious, vile, attack President that I can think of — absolutely horrendous.”

He pivoted from this clip to point out that while the President attacks talk radio and conservatives for dividing Americans, he happens to have “it all wrong because you see, ladies and gentlemen, many of us are upset because of him and his policies and policies that are being promoted by the left and by Democratic nationally and in the states.”

Citing a Washington Times story (now since updated with different wording) as “a perfect example” of “what he doesn’t say,” Levin explained a proposed (and now on hold) bill in the “one state party” California to criminalize views that don’t embrace climate change:

In The Washington Times today, “landmark California bill” it’s one state — a one state party right now in California. “Landmark California bill” would prosecute climate change skeptics. You want to hear this? “A landmark California bill,” writes Valerie Richardson, “gaining steam would make it illegal to engage in climate-change dissent, clearing the way for lawsuits against fossil-fuel companies, think-tanks and others that have ‘deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.’” 

Levin added that this proposed legislation represents “totalitarianism, pure and simple” and thanks to “a clownish — clownish President,” things like this are becoming more and more frequent:

Obama goes off, worrying about talk radio. What a clownish — clownish President. And I want you to think of this. California, right now, is a one-party state and this is what happens with these Democrats and their one-party states. They hate liberty. They hate capitalism. They hate religion.