NY Times Demands: 'Transgender' Kids Must Have Puberty Blockers or Risk Suicide

March 13th, 2020 4:06 PM

New York Times reporter Dan Levin earned Friday’s lead National story – not about the coronavirus outbreak, but “Transgender Teenagers Brace for Flurry of Bills Set to Curb Their Rights," a soft feature which made the anti-scientific assumptions that some children are born in the wrong body, and that radical medical steps must be taken to fix the problem, or else put their lives at risk.

It’s another entry in the paper’s crusade against biology and in favor of puberty blockers and drastic surgery for teenagers. Levin began the whole-page story:

By the time Peyton Badalucco came out to his mother as transgender, he had been secretly binding his chest in a desperate attempt to hide his body. He was 14 years old and so miserable that he could barely muster the emotional strength to leave the house.

Coming out led to months of counseling, a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and, finally, hormone therapy when he was 15. He lost several friends while transitioning, he said, but as his body changed, his depression and anxiety faded, and he stopped worrying about what people thought.

“Once I got over that,” said Peyton, now an 18-year-old high school senior, “I just started feeling a lot more free to be who I truly am.”

Nothing but cheerleading from the Times concerning radical medical procedures undertaken on possibly troubled children, while breezily stating as fact subjective interpretations of sex and gender.

Hormone therapy made all the difference for Peyton, as it aligned his body with his gender identity....

Levin reacted hysterically, as the paper does on transgender issues.

But lawmakers in Idaho, and in more than two dozen other states across the country, have introduced measures this year that would chip away at transgender rights, including criminalizing medical professionals who prescribe hormone treatments to minors.

Idaho resemble other bills in other states, a "multi-pronged attack" by "conservative lobbying groups."

After Levin let leftists complain conservatives would "erase" transgender identity and shamelessly played the suicide card, he briefly noted the opposing view, only to let his single source, Dr. Ashley Davis (pictured) wave it away.

Idaho lawmakers who had supported the legislation said that they believe that most young transgender people will outgrow gender dysphoria, and that the bill would have protected emotionally troubled children from unnecessary and permanent procedures.

But such claims contradict mainstream research, said Dr. Davis and other medical experts....the effects of puberty blockers and hormones are often reversible, Dr. Davis added....

A happy ending?

These days, Adam is a thriving ninth grader who is “crushing it” on the boys mountain bike team, said his father, who testified against one of the bills. And Adam has been named “Student of the Month,” has been embraced by his classmates and school administrators and feels accepted by his community.

And so, Adam said, he does not understand why some Idaho lawmakers are so unwilling to accept him. “I’m just a guy.”

National Review reviewed Ryan Anderson’s book on the subject and found some insights that will never make the Times.

....Anderson explains that most gender-fluid children will, given time and appropriate therapy, eventually identify with their natal sex.