NYT Sunday Front: 'Dread' in D.C. as Right Wing Has 'Knives Out,' Hungers for 'More Strident Conservative' Post-Boehner

September 27th, 2015 5:08 PM

After the shock resignation of John Boehner, should you fear and dread the rise of a revitalized right wing in Congress? Sunday's New York Times front page featured a "news analysis" on the surprise retirement announcement of House Speaker John Boehner, who's been under fire from some GOP members who found him too passive in the procedural battles against President Obama. The takeaway from Jonathan Weisman and Michael Shear's label-heavy story was encapsulated in the headline: "The Post-Boehner Congress and Washington's Sense of Dread."

Fear and dread among those who hew to the conventional wisdom dispersed by the liberal media, at least.

At the White House, a stunned President Obama expressed hope for bipartisan progress as turmoil among Republicans ended Representative John A. Boehner’s speakership.

On Capitol Hill, the conservatives who had again felled one of their leaders rallied to name the terms for the next person to wield the speaker’s gavel.

And on Wall Street, fear set in at the prospect of another showdown over the government’s ability to pay its debt, support its export businesses and simply keep its doors open.

Mr. Boehner’s sudden announcement on Friday that he will step down from the speakership and leave the House on Oct. 30 has thrown Washington into deep uncertainty. His resignation is likely to herald an even more combative stretch in the nation’s capital, emboldening conservatives to defy Mr. Obama on looming decisions regarding spending, debt and taxes.

Check the Times' condescending tone, with limited government conservatism portrayed as a sickness to be cured.