'Morning Joe' Portrays Trump as Doddering Old Schizophrenic Who Listens to 'Voices in His Head'

January 10th, 2018 3:00 PM

After his frank admission on Tuesday that he had no “objective evidence” of President Trump’s mental instability, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough made up for this mistake of honesty by once again going after Trump’s mental health on Wednesday’s show. Reacting to Trump’s comments during an open door meeting with top members of Congress about DACA and immigration reform, Scarborough argued that Trump’s performance was indicative of his supposedly deteriorating mental state and even stooped to mocking Trump as a doddering, forgetful, and schizophrenic old man who listens to “voices in his head” for political advice.



As Morning Joe kicked off its first hour with a discussion of the aforementioned immigration policy meeting, Scarborough offered an explanation for the real reason that the White House publicly broadcasted the proceedings:

SCARBOROUGH: And Mika, the, the reason that he did this was obvious. He, he wanted to disprove Michael Wolff's book.

GEIST: Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: He wanted to prove that he was in complete control of his mental facilities [sic]. And actually, what he did was show that he wasn't.


Scarborough elaborated on why he thought that Trump’s conduct during the meeting “disproves” Trump’s sanity, mainly by mocking Trump as a mentally crippled old man:

SCARBOROUGH: Uh, he didn’t -- he couldn't keep up with where he was. He would, he would amble over and say what Democrats wanted to hear: Yes, I'm with you. I, it’s a-, i-, I -- you know, I’m with you, and we should do this out of love. And then Kevin McCarthy would, you know, sort of-

BRZEZINSKI: [talking under Joe] We’ll do the path. We’ll do the path. Path is good.

SCARBOROUGH: -figuratively grab him by the shoulder and say, and say gran- -- he’d go: [condescending, babying tone] Grandpa, come on over here. Let’s -- come on.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh my god.

SCARBOROUGH: Come on paw -- paw-paw, sit down here. Don't hurt yourself. This is what you really believe. And then paw-paw would say: Okay, this is what I really believe. But grandpa kept kinda wandering back and forth. And, he had to be reminded time and time again-

BRZEZINSKI: [interjecting] Of what he believed. Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: -by Republicans what he believed. So, the very thing he was trying to prove, he disproves.


After playing a selected compilation of clips primarily focusing on statements made by Trump during the immigration meeting, Scarborough approvingly noted how “the majority of Americans” would be happy with Trump shifting leftwards on DACA and comprehensive immigration reform, but couldn’t resist making a another flippant jab at the President’s mental health:

SCARBOROUGH: So, so Kasie, um, Kasie Hunt, um, you’re on Capitol Hill. Um, first of all, I, Re- -- I, I, I’m gonna ask you in a second about how many Republicans’ brains exploded, uh, spontaneously, uh,-

BRZEZINSKI: [softly] Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: -yesterday after hearing this.

KASIE HUNT: Everywhere.

SCARBOROUGH: So the Pres-, the President now supports -- and I would say, um, the majority of Americans, if this ends up being his position, will go along with him and be glad that he is moderating and actually listening to other people other than the voices in his head and Steve Bannon. But he supports a clean DACA bill, a path to citizenship, and comprehensive immigration reform and has said, quote: “I will take” a heat, “the heat for that.” Now, there, w- -- you never know what’s gonna happen with Donald Trump. Tomorrow he'll g-, maybe he goes back into the rabbit hole and the same Republicans that misled him on health care, uh, will mislead him again on immigration.

At this point, the Morning Joe panelists’ degrees in armchair psychology seem pretty well deserved given that they have now diagnosed Trump with several different mental disorders ranging from sociopathy, psychopathy, and sadism (antisocial personality disorder) to more tame assessments of predementia and narcissism.