Still Hoping for Some Change

Let's be honest for a minute, America. I know a lot of you had stars in your eyes last January when Barack Obama was inaugurated amid promises of "change we can believe in", closing down evil Guantanamo Bay, bringing the troops home from Iraq and all the other idealistic promises he made so he could get elected.

He also promised to fix the economy and let us know in no uncertain terms that he had inherited a real fiscal mess that would take trillions of federal dollars to fix, and after trillions of dollars things have only gotten worse.

It seems like that's been the mantra of the Obama Administration ever since they took office, the excuse for most of their problems is that George Bush left such a mess that Obama just can't seem to find anything to do about it except to borrow and spend more money.

I wonder what the media would have said if after 9/11 George Bush would have stood up and told the world that due to the Clinton Administration refusing to take custody of Osama bin Laden when he was offered three times or that he refused to let American operatives take him out when they had a chance, the ramifications of 9/11 were out of his control.

No matter what you might have thought about Bush's presidency he was not a crybaby, he didn't blame his shortcomings on anybody but himself.

His administration immediately pursued Islamic terrorists to the ends of the earth, capturing and killing them, disrupting their plans and rolling up their networks and in so doing kept America safe for the remaining seven years of his administration.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you expect Obama and his milksop Justice Department to keep America safe for the remaining three years of the his administration?

Three of our top counter terrorist experts have basically told us that, in their opinion, an attack is imminent.

To give terrorist murderers the same rights as American citizens, read them Miranda rights and give them civil trials is so totally insane that Eric Holder should be put in a room with rubber walls.

In fact where is the feckless Mr. Holder these days, maybe the same place Al Gore is, riding out the worst winter on record for a number of years, global warming notwithstanding.

Congress just raised the debt ceiling to over fourteen trillion dollars and it is expected to spend up to the limit this month.

Another question, do you think there will be a person in the United States of America in the next three generations who will not feel the lash of Obama's reckless fiscal policies?

In typical Obama style, instead of using the bailout money the banks and financial institutions have paid back to reduce the national debt, he plans on spending it on another ill-fated government program.

Eventually, just the interest on this debt is going to eat up the lion's share of our GDP, inflation is going to go into high double digits and the dollar is going to fall like a rock.

Obama talks about fiscal responsibility but continues to spend every cent he can beg, borrow or steal from your grandchildren.

There are two choices; put on the brakes immediately, freeze all government spending with the exception of national defense, cut taxes to get businesses going again and elect some responsible people.

You don't even want to think about the other one.

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