New Year Brings Daunting Challenges and a Reckless Government

First of all, let me wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, and I want to thank you all for reading this column and letting your thoughts be known by responding.

Whether your reaction to what I write be pro or con, it's always good to know what's on your mind, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to do so.

There is a great frustration abroad in America these days and goodness knows we have enough to be frustrated about; the economy, the two wars we are fighting, people walking unimpeded across our border from Mexico, a country that for all practical purposes is being controlled by a ruthless drug cartel.

The closing of businesses, the loss of jobs and the relentless cruelty of Islamic terrorists around the world all add up to a myriad of serious problems facing America today.

Although you will not hear it articulated in the mainstream media, I think what's bothering Americans more than any other single subject is the fact that we've lost control of our government.

The Congress and Senate, for the most part, are peopled by unscrupulous, greedy, self-serving career politicians who are so out of touch with the people who elected them it's a wonder they can even find their ways home.

I have watched as one by one members of the Senate have sold out to Harry Reid and his Democrat slush fund as they are promised millions and in some cases billions of what amounts to political graft.

They have prostituted what minute shreds of integrity they had and sold out America for Democrat dirty money in hopes that it will give them another term to rob the American public.

With very few exceptions, my contempt for both houses of Congress knows no bounds. They never stop campaigning, no sooner do they darken the doors of Capitol Hill than they start making plans for their next election.

They have sold America's birthright and sentenced America to hyperinflation, massive taxes and a national debt we very well may never pay off.

They refuse to deal with the catastrophic problems; they don't even talk about them.

In the next few years the Middle East is going to explode as Iran finishes their nuclear weapons program. I wonder if Congress really believes Iran is developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes as they claim.

If they do, they're an even bigger bunch of fools. If the program is for the production of electric energy, why do they need intercontinental ballistic missiles?

Presidents and Congress have sat back for decades and watched this develop but rather than deal with it they keep their noses so deep in the pork barrel that they probably oink.

It's funny to me that President Obama can make a snap decision on the non-existent global warming crisis and it takes him months to decide to send additional troops to Afghanistan.

As the country slips farther into recession him and his advisors keep telling us that we've turned the corner on economy. They can't really believe that.

The only part of the economy that has grown is the federal government, and guess who finances that.

I guess it's more important to go to Copenhagen and play fantasy crisis games with the other left-wing socialist radicals than to stay at home and face the music. Besides, he gets to give away some more of our money there.

Thugs like Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, and Kim Jong-il thumb their noses at America and correctly perceive that Obama is a weak president who is swimming in waters way over his head and refuses to even wear a life preserver, by surrounding himself with people who have had experience on the world stage.

The attorney general is either certifiably insane or as dumb as a box of rocks to think that anything even remotely good could come out of moving the trials of bloodthirsty enemies of America to New York.

Mark my words, folks. If Congress allows this folly, something bad is going to happen. Why Eric Holder wants to take a chance on this completely baffles me.

And why doesn't Congress stop it? They could by law, but they're too busy selling out America to take notice.

People of New York, I love your city. It's the greatest city on Earth and I just hate to see your noses rubbed in the ashes of 9/11 yet again. I hope you'll rise up, as only New Yorkers can, and demand that this insanity is stopped.

People, we have lost our government and if something isn't done very soon, we are going to lose our country, and I don't think I can bear that.

When Congress and the President ignore the wishes of the people and pass legislation that the majority of citizens are against, we no longer have a republic. We have a medusa-headed dictatorship, not designed to serve the people but for the proliferation of power. Power detrimental to the United States of America.

I'm not talking about political parties when I say. Let's kick these crooked bums out or office before they completely ruin this great nation.

I am inventing a new political anagram. S-O-S-O-B, the first two letters mean, "sell out", I'll leave the last three letters to you.

America deserves much better.

What do you think?

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