CNN's Baldwin Invites Transgender Actor to Bash Trump Policies

On Tuesday afternoon, CNN host Brooke Baldwin devoted three and a half minutes to issues of transgender rights, and provided a forum to transgender actor D'Lo to complain about the Donald Trump administration's policies on transgenders.

At 2:53 p.m. Eastern, she began by celebrating a new ad by Gillette which depicts a transgender shaving for the first time: "I want to highlight this ad. This is a new ad out by Gillette. It is getting a lot of praise for highlighting a milestone for so many trans men -- shaving." 



After showing a clip of the ad, Baldwin added: "Gillette shared it just as Pride celebrations are set to begin in June."

Baldwin then brought aboard D'Lo as a guest, and began by posing: "So when you first saw this ad, what did you think?"

After D'Lo gushed over the ad and praised the dominant media for "normalizing" transgenders, the CNN host followed up: "And to hear the dad say, just that the dad is even present, that the dad says, 'Don't be scared,' right?"

Baldwin then invited her guest to bash the Trump administration:

As we have this conversation, I'd be remiss not to bring up the Trump administration has targeted a number of LGBT protections like the transgender military ban, a rollback of transgender health care protections, and allowing HUD-funded homeless shelters to deny transgender people access. So for all the steps, you know, taken forward by Gillette and you and roles on shows, yet you see what the White House is doing, D'Lo. How big of a setback is this?

D'Lo complained:

I think it's a huge setback. I mean, you're basically making the world unsafe for trans people. You're basically saying that you are not human, and everything is going to be difficult for you to do -- whether that means going to a movie, going to a restaurant, going to a school, getting a job. That's basically what the Trump administration is doing to trans people.

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