MSNBC's Jason Johnson: Trump Team 'Basically' Says 'I Hate Black People'

May 27th, 2019 4:18 PM

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday's AM Joy, liberal MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson spewed vitriol at several Donald Trump administration members as he called for the President's impeachment, declared that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had essentially been pushed to say "I hate black people," and that HUD Secetary Ben Carson was exposed to be a "sexist fool."

Near the end of the show, during the regular "Who Won the Week?" segment, Johnson proclaimed:

JOHNSON: Who I think won the week, not only got Ben Carson but also Mnuchin. And that is (Congresswoman) Ayanna Presley, basically took out two of the most incompetent -- the only other person that she didn't take out this week was Betsy DeVos who I think is the third of the Three Amigos of incompetence in this administration.

Reacting to news that the new Harriet Tubman $20 bill will not be printed within the next couple of years, Johnson continued:

JOHNSON: She not only got Mnuchin basically to say on camera, like, "I hate black people -- you're not going to get Harriet Tubmans in 2020" -- but she also got Ben Carson to reveal once again that he's not only incompetent -- he is not only asleep basically three-quarters of the time when he's doing his job -- but he's also a sexist fool.

Referring to Dr. Carson's book, Johnson then added: "I'm burning all of my high school copies of Gifted Hands."

Earlier in the show, during a discussion of why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to push impeachment of President Trump, Johnson referred to the deaths of several illegal immigrant children who have died from infections within the past year, and suggested Speaker Pelosi should either push impeachment or resign:

JOHNSON: I will give you an even more important piece of math -- six. Six children dead in custody in the United States under this administration. If you cannot bring yourself to impeach this immoral administration when something like that is happening with our tax money every single month in this administration, you should abdicate your job.

You can't impeach an administration, only the president. 

Johnson didn't ask: If that's impeachable, why didn't he support impeaching Obama? The Washington Examiner reported "In 2009, when former President Barack Obama took office, 10 people in ICE custody died. Five died in 2012, and 12 died in his last year in office, 2016." 

Pelosi can never go far enough for Johnson: 

JOHNSON: When all those people were arguing about Nancy Pelosi and trying to fight her and keep her from becoming speaker, the idea was they were afraid that she wouldn't go far enough. They thought that she couldn't necessarily lead this coalition. She's now demonstrating she can't lead this coalition. She's not leading the coalition of people within her own party who are saying, "Use the powers and resources at her disposal."