NBC Highlights Colorado Sheriffs Against More Gun Control

May 12th, 2019 8:32 PM

On Sunday evening, the NBC Nightly News actually ran a balanced report on gun control which included the views of sheriffs who preside over Second Amendment "sanctuary counties" who refuse to enforce new gun control laws.

Fill-in host Kate Snow set up the report: "An intense debate over gun laws in this counry reignited last week after a deadly shooting at a school in Colorado. Well, that same state is about to enact a controversial law meant to reduce gun violence, but the move is pitting sheriff against sheriff."



After beginning the report by putting the focus on two Colorado sheriffs who are "deeply divided" over the issue of extreme risk protection orders, correspondent Steve Patterson recalled the new law that gives judges the authority to allow law enforcement to remove guns from temporarily from individuals with mental problems.

Patterson then related that Weld County Sheiff Steve Reams "is so stronly against enforcing it, that he's willing to go to jail," arguing that it violates multiple parts of the U.S. Constitution

The NBC reporter then informed viewers: "Reams may seem extreme, but more than half of Colorado's 64 counties also oppose the law, Some even declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuary counties."

Patterson then devoted the rest of the report to another sheriff who believes the law might have prevented a mentally disturbed man from murdering Colorado police officer Zack Parrish last year.