NBC Runs Christmas Night Story on Gay Pride Flag Stolen From Lesbian Couple

December 26th, 2018 8:29 PM

On NBC Nightly News on Christmas night, the show devoted a full report to the story of a lesbian couple in Illinois whose gay pride flag was stolen from outside their home.

Ironically, a couple of weeks ago when an apparently Muslim man on a Brooklyn subway train violently attacked a woman whom he mistook to be a lesbian, the same show did not find it newsworthy.

The report was introduced by fill-in host Peter Alexander: "In Illinois this week, a show of support and solidarity for a couple whose Pride flag mysteriously disappeared from their back yard. NBC's Ron Mott has more on how a community rallied behind them to send a message of inclusion."

After correspondent Ron Mott noted that the couple are planning to get married next week, he added that "when someone recently stole their Pride flag from their back yard and replaced it with an American flag, they not only felt violated but under attack for their love."

Mott noted that one of the women informed neighbors about the theft, adding: "And the neighborhood's true colors came shining through. One by one, neighbors starting flying Pride flags, too -- a message of solidarity..."

The NBC correspondent concluded the report after recalling that the two women had to explain the situation to their two young daughters,

But, a couple of weeks back, after a manhunt was issued for Allah Alasheed after he attacked a young woman on a Brooklyn subway train, fracturing her spine, because he mistook her for a lesbian, the NBC Nightly News did not notice the much more serious crime even though video of the perpetrator existed that was used in the manhunt.

The dominant media ignoring the story of a Muslim who is also black committing a hate crime is in line with the media's tendency to portray hate crimes as being committed primarily by whites against minorities while downplaying or ignoring instances that do not fit the narrative.