ABC Tries to Tie Trump to People Choosing Not to Take Flu Vaccine

On Wednesday's Good Morning America, ABC correspondent Linsey Davis tried to link President Donald Trump to a controversial religious figure in a way that it is unlikely that the news show would do if it involved a Democratic President instead.

Near the end of a report updating viewers on the unusually bad flu season, Davis showed video of evangelist Gloria Copeland suggesting that it was not necessary to get a flu shot, alleging that prayer could prevent the flu, before the ABC reporter identified her as "an advisor on the President's evangelical board."

The ABC correspondent began the report by recalling examples of deaths that have occurred because of the flu, and measures taken by a school in Michigan to prevent its spread. She then added:

Many parents still believe that the flu shot will actually give you the flu. The medical community is worried about misconceptions like that -- and this one from Gloria Copeland, an advisor on the President's evangelical board.

Then came a clip of Copeland in a video clip labeled as being posted by the left-wing group Right Wing Watch. Copeland: "Just keep saying that, 'I'll never have the flu. I'll never have the flu.' Put words  -- inoculate yourself with the word."

The ABC correspondent added: "The concern, this could derail parents from getting their children the vaccine."

Davis did not mention that the evangelical advisory board disbanded more than a year ago once the presidential campaign had ended.

As to the issue of whether ABC would similarly try to embarrass a Democratic President, the network just recently ignored news of a photograph that just surfaced of Barack Obama posing happily with controversial anti-Semitic Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan from before he was elected President.

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