On CBS, NYT's Kingsbury Declares FBI's Clinton Probe to Be 'Vendetta'

January 6th, 2018 12:44 PM

As the broadcast network morning newscasts on Saturday caught up with Fox and Friends in giving attention to the renewed probe into the Clinton Foundation by the FBI, CBS This Morning stood out in showcasing the most blatant bias against the investigation as Kathleen Kingsbury of the New York Times was given a forum to prejudge the probe as a "political vendetta."

When asked for reaction from co-host Anthony Mason, Times deputy editorial page editor Kingsbury immediately declared: "I think that -- given the fact that there doesn't seem to be new evidence on the table -- the only conclusion we can come to is that this is a political vendetta brought on by the White House."

She then added: "You know, I think that the President has made it clear that he wants the Clintons to be investigated over and over again over the past year. But, you know, the White House -- excuse me, the FBI looked into these allegations in 2016 and said there wasn't enough evidence to actually bring charges. So what's new now?"

CBS co-anchor Alex Wagner -- who used to be one of the more far-left hosts on MSNBC -- suggested that young illegal immigrants are a "political football" as she changed the subject to DACA:

Speaking of political football back and forth, we know the President and some of his top Republican leadership are meeting at Camp David to discuss the 2018 legislative agenda. Immigration is a football that has been tossed back and forth here. The White House seems unrelenting in its desire to have a border wall. What is the future for young Dreamers and those effected by the ending of DACA?

Kingsbury responded:

I think the President has suggested that he would like to find a path forward for the Dreamers, but the border wall is one of the things he said has to be part of that deal. You know, that's a nonstarter for Democrats, and I think that, you know, what we really need here is a compromise, and, you know, this is a group of talented young people that America can't really afford to lose, so it would really be wonderful to see the White House find a solution that everyone can live with.