CNN's Navarro Defends Hillary's Non-Response to Clinton Rape Charges

As supposedly right-leaning CNN political commentator Ana Navarro appeared on Wednesday's New Day to discuss Hillary Clinton's interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, she defended the Democratic presidential candidate for refusing to respond to Donald Trump raising her husband Bill Clinton's sexual assault history. Navarro, a Jeb Bush supporter and frequent Trump critic, declared that Hillary Clinton is "doing exactly the right thing," and that she should "take the high road."

And, although co-anchor Camerota twice made it clear that the allegations against Bill Clinton include "sexual assault," Navarro would only refer to the former President's behavior as "indiscretions" as she asserted that it is "cringe-inducing" for Trump to accuse Hillary of being an "enabler."

At 8:51 a.m. ET, Camerota raised the "sexual assault" charges as she introduced the segment:

There is one issue that Hillary Clinton refuses to respond to, and that is Donald Trump bringing up allegations of sexual assault in Bill Clinton's past. Does Hillary Clinton need to address this? Here this morning, CNN political commentator Van Jones and CNN political commentator and Jeb Bush supporter Ana Navarro.

Camerota again emphasized that "sexual assault" accusations are involved as she added:

Ana, let me start with you. I asked Hillary Clinton about whether or not she wanted to respond to Trump bringing this up because, let me be clear, Ana, this isn't Trump talking about extramarital affairs. This is Trump upping the ante and saying that Hillary Clinton is an enabler of sexual assault. Does she need to respond to this?

Navarro went all in to defend Hillary Clinton as she responded:

I don't think so. I think she's doing exactly the right thing. I think she needs to take the high road, let other people debate it, let other people talk about it.

And I think, frankly, that calling, you know, any woman whose husband has had indiscretions an "enabler," is something that makes a lot of us cringe. It is cringe-inducing to make that accusation at women. I think Hillary Clinton needs to do exactly what she's doing: Stay above it, stay above the fray, and, you know, ignore it. Let it play out.

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