CNN's Morgan Presses Scalia on Abortion and Constitution that 'Gave Women No Rights'

In a pre-recorded interview which ran on Wednesday's Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN's Piers Morgan pressed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia from the left on abortion rights and Scalia's views on Roe versus Wade.

After earlier articulating the argument that a Supreme Court should perhaps be flexible as times change, Morgan again brought up the issue of "changing times" and seemed to lump abortion in with other rights that women acquired in the 20th century, as he asserted, "Everybody believed that was the right thing to do."

(Video can be found here.)

The CNN host also went over the top in claiming that the original Constitution "gave women no rights."

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Wednesday, July 18, Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN:

PIERS MORGAN: Yeah, but in the Consitution, when they framed it, they didn't even allow women to, had the right to vote. They gave women no rights.


MORGAN: Did they?


MORGAN: But, again, it comes back to changing times. The Founding Fathers were never going to have any reason at that time to consider a woman's right to keep a baby or to have an abortion. It wouldn't even have entered their minds, would it?

SCALIA: I don't know why, why wouldn't it? They didn't have wives and daughters that they cared about?

MORGAN: They did, but it was not an issue that they would ever consider framing the Constitution. Women began to take charge in the last century of their lives and their rights and so on, and began to fight for these. Everybody believed that was the right thing to do. I mean, why would you be instinctively against that?


MORGAN: How do you, as a conservative Catholic, how do you not bring your personal sense of what is right and wrong to that kind of decision? Because, clearly, as a conservative Catholic, you're going to be fundamentally against abortion.


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