Donny Deutsch Lauds Obama on Gay Marriage Vs. Romney 'Bullying'

Appearing as a guest on Monday's The Tonight Show on NBC, advertising executive and former CNBC host Donny Deutsch praised President Obama for voicing support for same-sex marriage, and predicted that voters will prefer Obama as a person, in contrast with Mitt Romney, as Deutsch raised the story of Romney allegedly "bullying" a fellow classmate in high school.

When host Jay Leno showed Deutsch the latest cover of Newsweek devoted to Obama's stand in favor of gay marriage, Deutsch effused:

I thought it was fantastic, what he did, both for moral reasons and for political reasons. ... When he came out, I felt the same way when he first got elected. I'm like, what a great country. We just elected an African-American guy in this country. This is a great country. That was the second time I felt it.

He then predicted that Obama will defeat Romney because he is more "likeable." Deutsch:

And I think he really sets himself up against Romney. Because Romney is, is there is a backbone? Is there a soul? He's a wishy-washy, where at least you may disagree or agree with Obama, but he took a a stand. And we always vote for the most likeable guy and that's why he's going to win.

Deutsch soon brought up the story about Romney "bullying" in high school:

DONNY DEUTSCH: Contrasting with Romney who, I think the same day or same week, came up with that bullying thing you talked about earlier. That really affects people. They go, what kind of guy is that? Was he the guy beating up the weaker kid growing up? And we don't want that. So I think that's really going to hurt him.

JAY LENO: Do you think that's the most damaging thing against him at this point?

DEUTSCH: One of the most. We vote for people, not issues.

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