Pinkerton Cites MRC on Media Double Standard on Komen/Planned Parenthood vs. Obama/Catholics

On Saturday's Fox News Watch, regular panel member Jim Pinkerton of The American Conservative magazine cited an article by MRC analyst and NewsBuster Matthew Balan, who recounted the media obsession with the Komen foundation's decision to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, while the same media have completely ignored the brewing conflict between President Obama and the Catholic Church as the Obama administration tries to force Catholic employers to go against their religious beliefs and provide coverage for contraception in its health insurance plans. Pinkerton:


JIM PINKERTON: But Matthew Balan of the Media Research Center made the great point, look, while the media were stone silent on this issue - the mainstream media, that is - they were all over the Susan Komen/Planned Parenthood story, the sort of similar news holes in terms of, you know, sexual religious issues, and yet the media completely pummeled the Komen foundation - front page story, front lead of everything - and  they ignored this.

Kind of interesting why, because, on the one hand, they were rooting for Planned Parenthood, and, on the other hand, they were rooting against the Catholic Church. Nothing new there, but quite stark in its contrast.

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