CBS, NBC Use 'Woman's Right to Choose' Euphemism

May 27th, 2009 3:50 PM

During a news brief on the Saturday, May 23, The Early Show, CBS’s Priya David used that famous euphemism of liberals, “woman’s right to choose,” to refer to the legal right to an abortion, as the show gave attention to Liberty University’s recent decision to withdraw recognition of the school’s club for young Democrats. She also incorrectly exaggerated Liberty's action by claiming that the Democratic group "won't be allowed on campus anymore" when in reality, according to the school, the group can still hold meetings, but just cannot use the school's name or money.

On the Monday, May 18, Today show, NBC’s Ann Curry also used the term in a story about President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame, which allowed the pro-choice President to speak despite being a Catholic university.

Below are complete transcripts of the relevant news briefs from the Saturday, May 23, The Early Show, on CBS, and the Monday, May, 18, Today show, on NBC:

#From the May 16 The Early Show:

PRIYA DAVID: Virginia’s Liberty University has its College Democrats club, but it won’t be allowed on campus anymore. The reason, the school says, core Democratic principles – like supporting a woman’s right to choose, and gay and lesbian rights – go against the university’s moral principles. Liberty is a private university founded by the Reverend Jerry Falwell.

#From the May 18 Today show:

ANN CURRY: Meantime, President Obama jumped into the controversial issue of abortion on Sunday during his commencement address at Notre Dame, a Catholic university. The President, who supports a woman's right to choose, called on the nearly 3,000 graduates to have, quote, "open hearts, open minds and fair-minded words." At times his speech was interrupted by protesters who were immediately escorted out of the building.