WashPost Adopts Liberal Euphemism 'Invest' to Refer to Govt Spending

In the November 7 "Washington Post," in an article reporting on the Virginia General Assembly elections, staff writer Tim Craig adopted the liberal terminology of referring to government spending as "investing" as he relayed that Democratic Governor Tim Kaine hopes to get more support for his "agenda to invest more in education, health care, and the environment." The complete text of a similar article using the same line can be found on the Washington Post's Web site here. In the front-page article "Delays in Counting Slow Results in State, Local Races," after summarizing some of the early election results, including the plight of some Republican state senators running for re-election in Democratic-trending districts, the following one-sentence paragraph ran on page A12:

Kaine staked his political reputation on Democratic gains in the 140-member legislature as he sought to build on the party's recent advances in the state and bolster the chances he can win approval of his agenda to invest more in education, health care and the environment.

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