Cable Fearmongering: Everything Is a 'Constitutional Crisis'

June 5th, 2018 10:04 AM

The Chicken Littles of cable news are in a full-scale panic over the latest fantasy disaster that hasn’t happened yet. Over the weekend, TV talking heads burst into flame in anticipation of the supposed “constitutional crisis” that might ensue if President Trump were to pardon himself – which he has not done, and which his lawyer has flatly stated he “has no intention” of doing.

If it seems cable TV is perpetually consumed with speculation about a non-existent “constitutional crisis,” that’s because they are. Two weeks ago, Chuck Todd led off MSNBC's MTP Daily by proclaiming: “The constitutional crisis alarm bells are ringing,” and asked with apparent concern, “Is anybody listening?”

Todd’s dire warning was a reaction to an entirely different story: the President’s demand for an investigation into whether the FBI had used an informant to spy on his 2016 campaign. This also sparked an emotional diatribe by CNN analyst Max Boot, who ranted that Trump’s behavior was “a shocking breach of democratic norms,” and an “assault on the Constitution.”

What follows is a compilation of clips from the past month's cable news coverage demonstrating the liberal media’s attempts to frighten viewers with conjecture about the “constitutional crisis” that supposedly lurks just around every corner. Watch below: