Politico: Jay Carney Paid $270K by Time in 2009 While Working for Obama Administration

Jay Carney just assumed his new post as White House press secretary yesterday, but he already finds himself embroiled in controversy.

Despite leaving Time magazine shortly after the 2008 election to work for the Obama administration, Carney continued collecting payments from his former employer in 2009, Politico reported today.

According to newly released financial disclosure forms, Carney was paid $270,000 by Time while serving as Vice President Joe Biden's communications director, consisting of a $58,000 bonus for work during the 2008 presidential campaign and a $212,000 severance payment.

"The White House did not respond when asked whether Carney’s severance payment stemmed from a buyout or was part of a different arrangement," noted Politico writer Kenneth Vogel.

Just hours after Time announced Carney's resignation in December 2008, it was revealed that the Washington bureau chief would become one of Biden's senior aides.

At this point, most major news organizations are ignoring the Politico story, even though it raises serious concerns about whether Time's payments to Carney could be considered a corporate gift to a government official.

--Alex Fitzsimmons is a News Analysis intern at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow him on Twitter.

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