Dennis Miller Chides Newsweek Magazine for Ranking US 11th Best Country in World

Appearing on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" last night, comedian Dennis Miller blasted the beleaguered Newsweek magazine for ranking the United States the 11th "best country in the world," behind left-of-center nations like Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Performing on Veterans Day for an audience comprised of American military personnel, Miller showed his patriotic stripes: "Hey, Newsweek, go fjord yourself okay. Finland is the s--- little plastic village you set up under the Christmas tree every year."

An impassioned Miller quipped: "The best thing about living in Finland is they don't get Newsweek magazine."

The August cover story ranked Finland the best country in the world, followed by Switzerland and Sweden.

As NewsBusters editor-at-large Brent Baker noted at the time, Newsweek's piece blamed former President George W. Bush for a series of "serious blows" and "policy debacles" that contributed to America's lackluster ranking.

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