Univision, Telemundo Cover Trump Supporters’ May Day Counter-Protest

To their credit, both Univision and Telemundo did include in their coverage of the usual May Day mayhem in Los Angeles a surprising counter-protest by a contingent of bold Trump supporters.

Though both top Spanish-language networks’ reports were not without the usual over-the-top Trump bashing (anchor Jorge Ramos opened the report by referring to “the attacks of Donald Trump’s administration against undocumented immigrants”), at the protest itself correspondent Jaime García did catch up with Raymond Herrera, a Trump supporter who showed up to basically say it’s a different ballgame now in the United States, and there’s a new sheriff in town.

RAYMOND HERRERA, TRUMP SUPPORTER: If they are here illegally, their days are over. To us, Americans, it is not important if they are from Mexico or from Japan. Wherever they come from, if they are illegal they are going back.

JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The Los Angeles Police offered protection to Donald Trump’s supporters, avoiding provocations. 

However, the above video - which actually shows a violent provocation on screen as García speaks - belies the correspondent's words. 

The May Day marchers (comprised of a sundry mix of anarchists, communists, socialists and other liberal activists) did in fact violently attack a well-known Latina Trump supporter, Jazmina Saavedra, hitting her with a water bottle and white paint. 

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At the scene, Saavedra said on Periscope “I got a bruise because they also threw water bottles at me, they’ve been acting as criminals. I don't know why they don't understand that here, in the United States, you have the right to protest but in peace. You don't need to become violent. You don’t need to destroy or attack someone. They are acting like they live in their own country.”

Neither Univision nor Telemundo, however, included in their reporting the attack on Jazmina, who is a spokesperson for the organization Make California Great Again.

Below are transcripts of the above-referenced segments, as aired on Noticiero Univision and Noticias Telemundo on May 1, 2017.
Noticiero Univision
JORGE RAMOS,SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Good evening, we begin with the great mobilization of immigrants and activists from coast to coast denouncing the arrests and attacks of the government of Donald Trump against undocumented immigrants. This May 1 is celebrated in many countries of the world the day of work, not in the United States. But as reported by Jaime Garcia from Los Angeles, in the United States is a date of marches and protests in favor of immigrants.
JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: In a real act of resistance, thousands of immigrant workers and their families marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles denouncing anti-immigrant policies undertaken in the first 100 days of the administration of President Donald Trump.
FEMALE PROTESTER: All people have rights and it is not fair how they are treating all people.
MALE PROTESTER: This man, today, shows that we need to be united in order to achieve something.
JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Beyond the number of participants, the organizers consider this march as an organization of solidarity from more than a hundred organizations in favor of human and labor rights for the immigrant community.
ANGELICA SALAS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CHIRLA: What they are saying is 'they are not alone', if you’ve marched alone for your demands, today we have opened our eyes and we see the cruelty of our immigration laws.
JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The shouting and the banners showed the indignation of the participants over the division of families and the raids of the last five months.
FEMALE PROTESTER: Too much. They have been separating families. It's ungratefulness.
MALE PROTESTER: The work of the Mexicans ... the fields of crops with the overwhelming heat, there all the Mexicans are working all day and night to bring food to their homes! And what do those racist people say?
JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: "But unlike other marches, this time those who participated had to face a group of people supporting President Donald Trump. 
RAYMOND HERRERA, TRUMP SUPPORTER: If they are here illegally, their days are over. To us, Americans, it is not important if they are from Mexico or from Japan. Wherever they come from, if they are illegal they are going back.
JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Los Angeles police offered protection to Donald Trump supporters, avoiding provocations.
ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, FORMER DEMOCRAT MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES: We need leaders who want to bring us together, not  to divide us. 
JAIME GARCIA, CORRESPONSAL, UNIVISION: In Los Angeles, Jaime Garcia. Univision
Noticias Telemundo
JOSE DIAZ-BALART, ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: We start with the marches across the country today, and that beyond May Day, have turned into protests against Donald Trump and his immigration policies. 
No human being is illegal. On many banners, this text could be read. In a way, it defines the feelings of many May Day protesters, especially the undocumented immigrants.
Tens of thousands of immigrants have taken the streets today across the country, foregoing a day of work and salary, to show the strength of immigration. From Los Angeles to Chicago. From Houston to New York, immigrants have raised their voices against the wall and against deportations.
A journey from coast to coast through the cities that, today, are the scene of the national mobilization movement against President Trump and his immigration measures. We start in Los Angeles with Maria Paula Ochoa:
MARIA PAULA OCHOA, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: It is here, outside the Mayor’s Office in Los Angeles, where the march, that did not have the expected popularity, ends. But which sent a clear and strong message to President Donald Trump: immigrants are not criminals.
United in one voice, tens of thousands of people of different ethnicities walked through the heart of Los Angeles, and in the middle of a multicultural party, protested President Trump's immigration policies, and the fear, they say, he has instilled in those who are undocumented.
MALE PROTESTER: He can grab me, he can punish me, and he can deport me. And that is the fear of this whole community.
MALE PROTESTER: So that all people have the same rights.
MARIA PAULA OCHOA, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: In addition to shouting against the building of the wall, protesters asked the president to stop the deportations and separation of families.
Things got heated up for a moment when a group of supporters of the president confronted their opponents.
RAYMOND HERRERA, TRUMP SUPPORTER: The days of illegals here in the United States are over. We already have a president who will enforce the law. 
MARIA PAULA OCHOA, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: The incident did not ruin the day of the worker, which like any celebration, ended with joy. In Los Angeles, Maria Paula Ochoa, Noticias Telemundo.
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