Ramos Spotlights Deportation Evasion Via Church Sanctuary

August 31st, 2019 4:15 PM

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos takes to his Facebook Watch platform to promote illegal immigration by highlighting church sanctuary for those seeking to evade deportation.

Watch as Jorge Ramos closed this week’s edition of Real America with a justification for church sanctuary, and for continued illegal immigration:



Family separation is a result of our broken immigration system. And there are many types of family separation. When parents are separated from their children when they cross the border and they put children in cages, that’s family separation. That’s also the case when a father or a mother is being deported and their American kids have to stay in the United States. Or also, when somebody feels persecuted and they look for a church for sanctuary. That’s family separation. I think we can all agree that is cruelty, and that we- absolutely we have to find a better way.

As previously mentioned, Real America has become Jorge Ramos’ editorial refuge -- a place where Ramos can freely advocate for one side of an issue over the other. Positions that Ramos keeps to himself on Univision come out on Facebook Watch, and positions that Ramos softly argues on Univision come out in full view on Facebook Watch.

We’ve seen this with guns, abortion, so-called “democratic socialism”, the Green New Deal, and of course on immigration but this time, specifically, on the issue of church sanctuary.

Ramos slays several straw men over the course of his closing segment, but the fact is that each of the decisions and actions decried by Ramos are triggered by an individual choice to illegally enter the United States. Final deportation orders are not “persecution”, but rather the actions taken by a sovereign nation to lawfully enforce their border. Ramos doesn’t appear to have much empathy for the rule of law.

If the current situation along the border seems cruel to Ramos, then perhaps a better solution would be to advocate for an immigration reform that all sides can agree on, rather than championing open borders. Perhaps we can all agree on that.