Ramos: Mexico Can Give Trump a Crisis by Not Stopping Drugs, Illegals

If it’s election season, whether in Mexico or in the U.S., you can count on Univision’s Jorge Ramos to weigh in with what he thinks should or shouldn’t happen.

In the run-up to Mexico’s presidential election on July 1st, the 30-year occupant of Univision’s news anchor chair is suggesting that the neighboring country's next President should undermine the U.S. by unquestioningly waving through whatever is headed north, whether immigrants or drugs.

Ramos first said as much in an interview with Heraldo de México, titled Surviving Trump:

The most recent polling I’ve seen suggests that most Americans who voted for him (Trump) would do it again. But Mexico is a very powerful country before the United States. If Mexico decides to allow all Central American immigrants to pass through to the Southern border and if Mexico allows to let all the drugs coming from Central and South America through to the United States, then the Trump administration enters into a crisis.

For Ramos, these are the Mexican government’s two great negotiation possibilities.

The quote above makes crystal clear that Ramos’ border strategy is about punishing both Trump and his voters by  plunging the Trump administration into crisis. Which is interesting to say the least, because Ramos seems to have written those bits out of his weekly column (but added his usual bit about the cartels remaining afloat primarily due to American drug users):

Imagine what would happen if Mexico let every Central American heading to the United States travel through its territory unimpeded. Or think about the consequences if Mexico suddenly decided to end its war against drug trafficking and allowed the cartels to freely smuggle drugs from Central and South America directly to the southern U.S. border. (Let’s not forget that the United States is a huge drug market, with over 25 million consumers.)

That particular gem is encased within a broader piece about how the next Mexican President must Take A Stand ™ against Donald Trump at all costs, and not allow himself to be bullied, unlike outgoing “incompetent and cowardly leader” Enrique Peña Nieto.

As Jorge Ramos sees it, if this process of standing up to Trump means that the U.S. must endure a meth crisis to go along with the current opioid crisis and fresh hordes of MS-13 gangbangers, then so be it. Too bad, America! That’s what you get for having 25 million drug users and for electing Donald Trump to the presidency despite all but being directly told to vote for Hillary Clinton on Univision's airwaves.

One does not simultaneously whine about feeling like a stranger in the country he has called home for the past 35 years while encouraging punitive violations of its sovereignty in a fit of anti-Trump pique. If that's not willful and Ramos truly doesn't get it, then he has no business reporting news to anyone - not even Univision's captive audience.

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