Forget Facts: Univision Puts Its Own Spin On Next Aid Package

May 6th, 2020 4:59 PM

Expressly biased reporting is alive and well at Univision, especially when given the chance to push their political agenda with one-sided stories that air with no debate: unquestioned and unchallenged.

This hasty report by Washington correspondent Edwin Pitti, regarding a fifth economic aid package, warned about a “new political battle between Republicans and Democrats”, wherein the Dems were akin to knights in shining armor, and Trump, of course, the villain on the black horse:



SATCHA PRETTO:  Edwin, and now we´ll talk about the proposal for a fifth economic stimulus package which apparently, contrary to what we have seen with the previous four, would not have bipartisan support. Why is that?

EDWIN PITTI:  That's right, this is a new political battle between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats not only want more money for taxpayers, but more control over the way small businesses are getting this money. They want to  make sure that minorities receive it, but Republicans say that's not necessary, that the Small Business Administration is already handling the situation and they are sure that as the economy slowly reopens, it won´t be necessary to send more money to taxpayers. Reporting live from Washington, back with you Satcha.

SATCHA: Thank you Edwin, have a great day in the nation's capital.

The “battle” Pitti reported as critical was just one subject among the many discussions taking place regarding this package. Not surprisingly, the Trump administration has pushed for tax cuts for businesses of all sizes, including those owned by minorities as well as investors, as well as other measures aimed at helping the economy stand back up on its feet. It is also considering additional aid for individuals.

As can be expected, liberasls have vied for additional support for individuals, including a second round of checks, and ongoing monthly payments.

It should be up to the viewers of Univision to draw their own conclusions based on balanced, objective news or, at the very least, that includes both sides of the story. That is what journalism should be about.