Transgenderism Is Part of Univision’s ‘Latino Agenda’

October 28th, 2019 12:19 PM

In their scramble to help secure votes for the Democrats and fulfill their leftist policy vision, Univision News continues to expand its “Latino Agenda”. The network is now openly advocating for the political platforms of leftist Democratic presidential hopefuls, and pushing for issues and policies that are completely out of tune with the reality of the Latino population to which they cater. 

One recent example is this report broadcast by UNews, Univision’s English-language broadcast (on Fusion),which swears to “cover the news of your world, with a special focus on the stories that matter to you”: 



CAROLINA SARASSA, ANCHOR, UNEWS: And now, Mississippi has opened its first ever medical health clinic for the LGTBQ community. It is part of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The center opened a mental health facility four years ago, but activists said it was time to care for the physical needs of the community. The clinic offers wellness visits, hormone treatment, gender affirmative medicine, estrogen treatments and more.

Stories that matter to you, huh. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 5% of LGBT respondents identify primarily as transgender; as the study states, “this is roughly consistent with other estimates of the proportion of the LGBT population that is transgender. Although there is limited data on the size of the transgender population, it is estimated that 0.3% of all American adults are transgender. This begs the question: of that 0.3% of the population, how many are Hispanics to whom this issue can be of any interest? 

Halfway through the report, anchor Carolina Sarassa briefly mentions that the Mississippi medical clinic for the LGBTQ community opened four years ago as a mental health facility, deftly omitting that it was established “after reviewing research about suicide and depression rates among LGBTQ individuals”, according to the co-director of the clinic.

And the rates are staggering. According to a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, among transgender youth there were alarming levels of attempted suicide – “with the highest rates among transgender boys and non-binary youth. More than half of transgender male teens who participated in the survey reported attempting suicide in their lifetime, while 29.9 percent of transgender female teens said they attempted suicide.”

From their excitement about the non-existent word “Latinx”, to this recent example of the network ́s liberal rhetoric, there is no doubt about the political motivations of the nation's leading Spanish-speaking news network, and they have nothing to do with the audience they represent.