Trump-Bashing Entertainers Headline Jorge Ramos Show

January 14th, 2018 11:21 AM

If you ever tune in to Univision on a Sunday morning, you are likely to see at least one entertainer make an appearance on Jorge Ramos’ weekly Al Punto show.

And almost invariably, that entertainer will join Ramos in an intense round of Trump-bashing.

It’s clear that Ramos sees anti-Trump Spanish-language entertainers as useful allies in his journalistic jihad against the President of the United States, and he actually explained his rationale in his introduction to a recent year-end special.



JORGE RAMOS, HOST, AL PUNTO, UNIVISION: I’m totally convinced that artists should talk about politics and participate in politics. Their voice is fundamental in any democracy, and this year, in this program, many artists spoke about their projects, their achievements, and of course politics. That was the condition for their invitation.

Of course, the core fame or public favor of the invited entertainer seldom has anything to do with their political views, but if Ramos can elicit from them anti-Trump commentary, they get top billing. Like potty-mouthed pop singer Miguel Bosé.



JORGE RAMOS, HOST, AL PUNTO, UNIVISION: I was watching some of your quotes about Trump and they are awesome. You said: “This had been a good year and then comes Trump and it´s like you just finished cleaning the house and you realize that…”

MIGUEL BOSE, RECORDING ARTIST: There is a piece of (sh...) Or that someone has taken a (dump)… Or has said something terrible.

To Ramos’ delight, Bosé went on to solemnly declare that “Trump cannot be a President for this great country. He doesn’t deserve it.”

Bosé was one of the nine entertainers Ramos featured in a recent year-in-review edition of his program. And right on cue, six of the nine stars’ interview excerpts included anti-Trump zingers, like this one from Mexican actress Salma Hayek.



SALMA HAYEK, ACTRESS: The wall is a stupidity and I assure you it will never be finished.

Hayek also declared “The President of the United States won because the Mexicans, because the Latinos did not unite and they did not make their voices heard.”

For what it’s worth, Ms. Hayek, in 2016 Trump reversed previously declining Republican fortunes among Latino voters, besting Mitt Romney’s performance. Stephen Strang, author of the book God and Donald Trump, released in November of 2017, actually credits Hispanic evangelicals in Florida and Pennsylvania with contributing to Trump’s winning margins in those two battleground states.

Along with Hayek, actress Kate del Castillo also weighed in, telling Ramos "I don´t feel represented by either of them (speaking of both Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump)."Of course," Ramos responded.

Ramos’ all-star anti-Trump fest was further rounded out by comedian Conan O’Brien, actress Rita Moreno and recording artist Residente. Interview excerpts with actor Diego Luna, and singers Luis Fonsi and Nicky Jam did not feature any Trump-related remarks, either positive or negative.