Univision Anchors Parrot White House Line On Biden’s Mental Faculties

February 29th, 2024 7:14 PM

Univision’s news division has long been known as a liberal messaging pit, eagerly echoing whatever talking points come out of Democrat White Houses. Such is the case during Univision’s midday newscast, when reporting on President Joe Biden’s recent medical examination.

Watch as anchors Carolina Sarassa and Borja Voces marvel over Biden’s mental capabilities, as aired on Univision Newscast Digital Edition on Thursday, February 29th, 2024:

BORJA VOCES: It should be noted that it is important to remember this, Carolina, that Biden's doctor said that, in the president's annual physical, he says that he has the condition and faculties to fulfill his duty.

CAROLINA SARASSA: And we are talking about this because surely you will remember that President Biden's health has been questioned recently, especially after that report from special counsel Robert Hur who decided that he was not going to file charges against the president over those documents that he kept in his office and also at home, because it supposedly said that he did not have mental faculties and that he was a person with a bad memory, so what he says, well, I think the doctor somewhat disproves that theory on the part of the special counsel.

VOCES: He also doesn't give many details, for example, in the case of his memory, right? Which is an issue that was talked about a great deal after the special counsel’s report. What is clear is we know that he can fulfill his duties- he can fulfill his duties as president for additional years.

SARASSA: It's good- it's good to know, right?

Good to know, indeed. 

Univision has done everything in their power to avoid reporting on Biden’s physical frailty and obviously declining mental faculties. Special Editorial Advisor to the CEO Jorge Ramos has written columns suggesting that it is ageism to question Biden’s declining health in any way. During Biden’s speeches, he is usually paired with one of the best (if not the best) interpreter in the business, who makes anyone sound like a president out of central casting. Biden’s decline has been well hidden from Univision’s audience, purely by design.

Even now, there was zero mention of the fact that Biden didn’t actually take a cognitive test. The anchors simply parrot the White House’s talking points, North Korean-style.

And so it is that we come to today’s edition of the midday newscast, which were I the type to swear, I’d swear was created for the sole purpose of making their audience dumber. This is the newscast, you’ll recall, that features men wearing skirts, collecting Barbies, or dressing like Barbies. So there is an established track record when it comes to how male virility is portrayed. That is one rationale that I can come up with to explain why they’d report on Biden’s medical exam in such a cavalier manner, reflecting wanton disregard for their viewers’ intellect. 

The other, likelier rationale, is that Univision remains a partisan Democrat SuperPAC with a broadcast license, and is trying to exert influence upon their viewers so they ignore what lies before them in plain sight. That President Biden is in obvious physical and mental decline.