Univision Signals Vicious Coverage of Trump's Next SCOTUS Pick

September 20th, 2020 3:41 PM

Univision, a radical pro-immigration PAC with a broadcast signal and a vested business interest in ensuring the election of presidents that appoint liberal justices to the United States Supreme Court, has already signaled the manner in which they will cover the next nominee to be put forth by President Donald Trump to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

An Univision article titled “Who Are Trump’s Potential Candidates To Replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court?” lists several names, but what we found most jarring were the network’s ready descriptions of the presumptive top two names being considered: Judges Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa:

Univision’s frame of ACB as a “defender of religion” signals an intent to present her to viewers as a religious zealot far removed from the mainstream of society and from the mainstream of the Hispanic community. In fact it is Univision, with its favorable coverage of Planned Parenthood, which has removed itself from the mainstream of the community it claims to serve. This is a substantial part of senior anchor Jorge Ramos lamented -this persistence in supporting Life- when he sat down with Spain's El Intermedio, and said:

There are people that feel totally identified with this country, that believe the same things that Donald Trump believes. If you vote for someone, you partially resemble that. And also that, among Latinos, there are very conservative values that are commonly held with the Republican Party, President Trump’s party. The, the religious issue, the importance of family, the abortion issue. This explains, in part, why one out of three Hispanics vote for Donald Trump and is so conservative.

Univision’s frame of Lagoa as “the Cuban-American”, and not “Hispanic”, “Latina” or even “Latinx” sends a signal to viewers and allies alike that Lagoa is not a member of the community that the network claims to champion. Univision goes to great effort to enforce a singular pan-ethnic Latino political identity (with a fixed political orthodoxy), and to place Lagoa outside of that identity marks her as an outsider that must be defeated, as was Miguel Estrada during the Bush Administration.

Regardless of who Trump selects, we can expect Univision's coverage to be one-sided and vicious. If you thought that coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation was bad, just wait.

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