Univision SOTU Analysis: Sadly, Trump Will Apologize For Nothing

February 4th, 2020 6:00 PM

Univision may have finally figured out a way around the inconvenient fact that Bill Clinton was the first sitting president to deliver a State of the Union Address while in an impeachment trial: By saying, “well, at least he apologized.” 

Watch below, as Univision anchor Borja Voces foisted this bit of “analysis” on viewers of the network’s noon newscast: 



And notice that unlike Bill Clinton, who as we mentioned was the second president to do the State of the Union, to deliver the State of the Union Address while in an impeachment process, the difference that analysts are clear on is that President Donald Trump will regret absolutely nothing, in fact, he’ll reinforce himself further by saying that his conversation with his Ukranian counterpart was perfectly proper and contrary to what Bill Clinton did, who in fact, although he was exonerated by the Senate he finally apologized to the nation something that, according to analysts, will be the exact opposite of what the president does today. 

Why enter into such comically ridiculous speculation over whether Trump will apologize or not? Three reasons: First, in order to inject an artificially unfavorable comparison with Bill Clinton. Second, to frame post-impeachment Trump coverage- moving from “Presidency in Peril” to Trump the Unrepentant.

Finally, time spent on Trump non-apologies is time that Univision doesn’t have to spend covering the booming economy and record levels of Hispanic unemployment. No interrupting the steady flow of immigration grievance at the nation’s leading Spanish-language news network.