Jorge Ramos Pushes Iran Propaganda on Facebook Watch

January 10th, 2020 4:39 PM

Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos has joined the rest of the mainstream media’s collective Soleimani lunacy. His most recent edition of “Real America”, broadcast on Facebook Watch, is an exercise in bias-driven propaganda, driven by pure Trump animus and far from the “Real America” he claims to represent.

Watch below, as Ramos discusses the droning of Qassem Soleimani with Dr. Abdolrahim (Abdy) Javadzadeh, a professor at Florida International University: 



JORGE RAMOS: How do you see the...President Trump’s decision to assassinate General Halem (sic) Soleimani? 

DR. ABDOLRAHIM “ABDY” JAVADZADEH: Right. That’s one of the things, like I said, that…

RAMOS: Nobody expected it.

PROF: ...that sounds’s very erratic and from what I’’ve probably known this, too... what we’ve heard from the Pentagon is they gave him options. And he took the most extreme option, which is the assassination of Soleimani. Now that, within itself the war context, is an illegal act. Assassinations are illegal- worldwide and domestic. 

RAMOS: The Trump Administration says that he was a terrorist….

PROF: Right.

RAMOS: That six hundred Americans have died because of him. 

PROF: Right, but you have to be considered first, to be a terrorist, you have to be considered an enemy combatant. 

RAMOS: But...and why now, Professor? Why...why killing him now? 

PROF: (Sigh) I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the “Wag the Dog” concept?

RAMOS: I am. But please explain that.


In 2016, Dr. Javadzadeh authored a paper titled “Pyrrhic defeat and American foreign policy in the Middle East: Achieving success through failure”. Its abstract posits that:

By taking into consideration the prevalence of U.S. involvement through decades of building and maintaining military bases, arms sales, and political intrusion and involvement in the region, a clear pattern has come to light. Examination of this pattern demonstrates that U.S. foreign policy revolves around a policy of failure for decades. That such failure, although originally unintended, works out to U.S. advantage, ensuring a lasting economic and political involvement based on military Keynesianism and a justification for U.S. political involvement.

In other words, endless war for oil as stimulus for the military-industrial complex and official U.S. policy in the Middle East. This is the analytic lens through which Ramos portrays analysis of the American response to the recent Iranian escalations to his audience. And to be clear, by “analysis” I mean indulgence of the thoroughly debunked “Soleimani was the extreme scenario” theory, parsing of “assassination”, whether Soleimani was actually a terrorist, and of course ye olde “wag the dog”. 

This segment was very much representative of the entire program, which featured Javadzaheh, several young Iranian-Americans promoting a protest, and Ramos’ final Very Special Thought on war. At no point did “Real America” go into the recent history of the bad acts orchestrated by Soleimani, or explain the killing and maiming of American troops at his command- other than “Trump said”. 

In the Real America, Ramos should have to sit down with veterans maimed by one of Soleimani’s EFPs (explosive formed penetrators).

As we’ve often stated, the Facebook Watch platform is where Ramos most freely showcases his ideological bent. Since these things come in threes, the inevitable opinion column and Al Punto segment are sure to follow. 

Univision, an immigration-advocacy PAC with a broadcast license, is now also disseminator of Iranian propaganda, and leaves us with two exit questions: what “Real America” does this represent? And what “Hispanic America” does Univision claim to speak for?