Jorge Ramos Whines Over CBP Doing Its Job

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Univision’s senior anchor Jorge Ramos is known for opposing most, if not all, enforcement of the U.S. southern border as part of part of the nation’s immigration policy. His most recent episode on Facebook Watch makes clear that enforcement of the northern border is off limits, too.

Watch below as Ramos bemoans Customs and Border Protection’s actions in enforcement of the northern border: 



JORGE RAMOS: If you are undocumented in the United States, what is the safest way to travel? For many years, it was a Greyhound bus- especially if you were traveling far from the U.S.-Mexico border. It was cheap, it would go around the country, and you would be safe from being detained and deported. 

But lately, agents from CBP- Customs and Border Protection- have been detaining immigrants traveling in Greyhound buses. This week, we take you to the state of Washington so you can see how these agents are operating...far from the border. 

Ramos introduces this latest installment of “Real America” with a disingenuous frame of his premise. Washington State, where the events in this episode occur, is indeed “far from the U.S.-Mexico border”. But it also borders Canada. 

In fact Seattle, the destination of the Greyhound buses in question, is well within the 100-mile border enforcement zone under the jurisdiction of the CBP. But it seems clear that to Jorge Ramos, any border enforcement is to be portrayed as evil and abusive. Hence this episode of Univision's collaboration with Facebook Watch, which aims to pressure Greyhound into interfering border enforcement efforts and to demonize the CBP for exercising its lawful functions.

To Ramos, and Univision via Facebook, the best enforcement is no enforcement at all.


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