Jorge Ramos: Illegal Immigration Is A Civil Right

October 5th, 2019 9:46 AM

In this week’s edition of Real America with Jorge Ramos on Facebook Watch, Univision’s senior anchor elevates illegal immigration with the the nation’s historic civil rights struggles- thus attempting to establish a legal right to illegal immigration. 

Watch below as Ramos establishes that connection in his opening monologue:



JORGE RAMOS: The national civil rights movement has come to the southern border. Leaders of all religious faiths are coming together to course-correct America. 

REV. WILLIAM BARBER: It is a dangerous moment for America because he is on a trail to undo many things that took hundreds of years to win in the first place. So I think this moment is a moment where the question is, “what will we be as America?” 

RAMOS: Answering that question means putting immigrants and refugees at the center of the civil rights movement.

It’s been 56 years since the March on Washington.

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING: I have a dream today.

RAMOS: 55 years since the Civil Rights Act was passed.

PRESIDENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON: This Civil Rights Act is a challenge to all of us.

RAMOS: And 54 years since the signing of the Voting Rights Act:

JOHNSON: Millions of Americans are denied the right to vote because of their color.

RAMOS: More than half a century later, the country doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of a more perfect union.    

This episode of Real America showcases the far-left Rev. Barber, and his recent trip to an ICE detention facility near El Paso, TX- and the ongoing attempt to shift goalposts when discussing immigration generally, and illegal immigration specifically. In his opening editorial, Ramos unduly appropriates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King in furtherance of this policy objective. Ramos claims that the ecumenical gathering in El Paso was somehow a course-correction of America, as if a nation’s sovereign right to enforce its borders were somehow a moral stain to be cleansed.

It is interesting that the famously irreligious Ramos, who routinely complains about the faith of conservative Hispanics that vote according to their convictions, now finds a way to hold his nose and showcase clergy that are useful to his broader policy aims. 

In keeping with Ramos’ vision of what Real America is (or should be) the right to immigrate to the United States is now a civil right, border enforcement is a violation thereof, and the moral arc of the universe bends towards a borderless America. 

This latest episode of Real America is further proof, as we’ve seen with his showcasing of the Green New Deal, democratic socialism, abortion; and his servile coverage of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that the platform is little more than a vehicle in which Ramos can indulge his editorial impulses, reach more woke white millennials than his tens of viewers on Fusion, and say things that would mostly horrify his audience on Univision.