Ramos Continues Disproportionate Platforming Of Puerto Rico Separatists

July 27th, 2019 1:00 PM

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos continues his long standing habit of granting disproportionate airtime to separatists when covering matters pertaining to Puerto Rico. 

Watch below as singer Ile is given a platform to spew her contempt for those who disagree with her on Sunday political affairs show Al Punto:

ILE: I never expect anything from the United States Government, but it is clear that Donald Trump doesn’t care. He cares much less than anyone else would. I believe that this has been well established. It makes me very sad to see that there are people in Puerto Rico, since we are so warm and like to welcome everybody, well that there would be people in Puerto Rico who welcome such a cold individual; but at the same time I believe that, since the Puerto Rican masses want to be part of the United States and I think that many don’t really know, in depth, why they want to be part of the United States, I believe that, on the other hand, it’s also good to have face to face an individual so obviously cold and insensitive towards us


ILE: So that the lack of interest that they have towards us as Puerto Rico is shown.

This interview is the most recent in Univision’s long line of giving a broader platform to Puerto Rican separatists- whether it’s former Congressman Luis Gutiérrez, Ile’s brother Residente, or radical San Juan Mayor and Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign co-chair Carmen Yulín Cruz. It bears noting that both Cruz and Residente share the same pathological inability to describe Venezuela’s situation as a dictatorship.

Additionally, it was Jorge Ramos (via Al Punto) that gave convicted FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera an unfettered platform. Seated next to the unrepentant terrorist? None other than Gutiérrez, who outrageously proceeded to compare Lopez Rivera to George Washington. It bears noting that Univision has had no time to cover López Rivera’s activities since having his sentence commuted by then-President Barack Obama: to wit, his tour of Latin American dictatorships with stops at Fidel Castro’s mausoleum, the Sandinista Revolution’s 38th anniversary bash in Nicaragua, and Venezuela’s sham National Constituent Assembly, among others.

It would be a grotesque error to presume that any significant number of Puerto Ricans share the views espoused by Ile, who sang the “Revolutionary Anthem” at a recent protest against the corrupt and incompetent Rossello administration- an overt effort to expand the protests beyond their original scope. On its best day and despite Ramos’ incessant promotion, independence doesn’t make it to 5% at the ballot box. 

Given this incessant platforming of separatists, one wonders about the extent to which Ramos shares Ile’s contempt for those Puerto Rican “masses” who “don’t really know” why they want the island to remain a part of the United States, as opposed to becoming part of the Castro-Maduro axis of socialst misery.