Jorge Ramos Panders to Anti-Gun Millennials

July 23rd, 2018 4:42 PM

Univision’s Jorge Ramos has filmed yet another paean to gun control. This one, carried by Fusion, featured teens on both sides of gun control. The special report, subtly titled “Generation Gun”, featured Jorge Ramos as he sat down with five teens from different backgrounds and discussed guns, schools, shootings, and gun control. The conversation was, for a Ramos venture, remarkably balanced.

The panel included a young man from Chicago, two Parkland survivors, and two members of their school’s rifle team. Ramos didn’t preach directly to the panelists when asking questions, and didn’t interrupt or hector the young rifle team member who suggested school hardening as a way to prevent school shootings.

But as we’ve seen often, something less biased can be made more so by the manner in which it is framed and introduced to its viewers. In the case of Generation Gun, Ramos does this by pandering to young Americans. Watch how Ramos closes out the program with a generational appeal:



JORGE RAMOS: I think, honestly, that our generation failed you. Because we made it normal. Whenever there’s a shooting we say, “Oh, there’s just another shooting.” And we move on. But you know something? You didn’t move on.

EMMA GONZÁLEZ: Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job.

RAMOS: This generation didn’t move on. They want change, and they’re gonna make it.

ACTIVIST: She’s registering to vote for her birthday!

CROWD: Wooo!

RAMOS: Now, as parents, what I think we did right is to give you a good example of what it is to be a good leader and to take responsibility. So now it’s not on us- it’s on you. And I truly believe that you are gonna change this country.

ALEX KING: Us hurting together brings us closer together to fight for something better.

KAYLENE CASTILLO : People shouldn’t have to lose their lives due to this.

JOSEPH LAVIGNE: There are solutions and, you know, it should never happen again.

LEONOR MUÑOZ: The generations before us, you know, they kind of left us with a big mess. We’re showing everyone that change can happen.

AALAYAH EASTMOND: All of our stories need to be heard. No matter what color you are, what school you go to, what neighborhood you live in.

RAMOS: If the future of this country depends on young people like this, I truly believe that we will be in good hands.

Having failed to persuade America to abandon the Second Amendment, Ramos seemed to concede the conversation on gun control, and pass the baton to the next generation. The problem with this was that although Ramos would very much like to hand the gun control debate off exclusively to high-schoolers and wish for all the bans to be enacted, he doesn't actually speak for anyone. Therefore, he doesn't have the standing to hand anything off on behalf of anyone.

Jorge Ramos, (like many others in liberal media), unable to shame or guilt (never mind persuade) Americans into supporting the sort of gun-control legislation that seems to creep up after every shooting (whether at a school or otherwise), has transferred that hype and expectation onto the backs of children.