Univision Still Totally in the Tank for Planned Parenthood

February 27th, 2017 4:40 PM

Univision never wastes an opportunity to remind us that it has an agenda beyond immigration. The network's coverage of a recent court ruling proves that abortion is also high on Univision's list of pet issues.

Here's how the network covered the recent ruling issued by a federal court in Texas, which enjoined the state from stripping Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood:

FELIX de BEDOUT, NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: A federal judge determined that the State of Texas cannot cut funds to the Medicaid health program, that covers family planning expenses. With this, there have been at least six states where federal courts have decided to maintain assistance to women in their decision to plan. But there is uncertainty, because President Donald Trump has plans to cut funds, precisely for family planning.

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Take a close look at that transcript. The one word missing from the flash report is at the root of the entire issue, which also happens to be Planned Parenthood's core product: abortion. It is no mystery that Univision covers Planned Parenthood very favorably, as seen in these stories here, and here, for example. Recall that a couple of years ago Planned Parenthood also bestowed upon Univision (in partnership with Hola Doctor) a "Maggie Award" in the "Online Reporting" category. So here again, the network dutifully carries Planned Parenthood's water in its hour of need.

By plugging in "family planning" at every available instance, anchor Felix de Bedout obfuscates the underlying circumstances that led the Texas Legislature to defund Planned Parenthood, which is not unlike when Univision tried to hide the reasons that people were outraged by the Planned Parenthood sting videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

Univision viewers are falsely led to believe - consistent with abortion lobby talking points - that abortion is "reproductive care" or "family planning" or "access to health care". In other words, anything other than what it actually is. Abortion.

Despite the story being essentialy a Texas story, de Bedout skillfully managed a throwaway mention of "the uncertainty" caused by President Trump's "plans to cut funds, precisely, for family planning". I'm surprised that de Bedout didn't throw in that the savings would go towards more ICE agents, in order to really get the point across.

Those "Maggie" awards don't just win themselves, you know.