Jorge Ramos Ramps Up 'Racial War' Rhetoric

January 31st, 2017 4:30 PM

Univision anchor/activist Jorge Ramos laid low for a very short time in the wake of an election where he got everything wrong. But now that Donald Trump is in office, Ramos has ramped up and returned to form. Anyone expecting a chastened, humbled Ramos is in for quite a shock.

Perhaps President Trump is really on to something when he describes elements of the media as "the opposition party." Ramos certainly sees himself in that light. Recall what Ramos told his pal Carmen Aristegui the morning after the election:

I haven't the slightest doubt that I'll have to be an opposition journalist, and that's it. Done. And now, politically, I believe that we are...a leader is wanted. Politically, the Democratic Party is in search of leadership that can confront Donald Trump because it is now clear the old guard of the Democratic Party didn't work out. and there are no leaders. They all - where are the young leaders of the Democratic Party? Who is going to be that opposition? Who is going to be that opposition figure that will face Hillary Clinton? We don't have that right now over here. 

Keep those remarks in mind as you see what Ramos recently told Dalia Carreño (of Mexico City's Reforma)

Ramos, the journalist that Trump booted from a press conference nearly a year ago, claims that the hatred, racism and intolerance that were the hallmarks of the Republican's campaign have already caused a racial war.

"It's war. We are in a pitched battle between those who defend immigrants and the anti-immigrant. Since all these immigrants are without protection, the mayors of big cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Denver, and several universities, just to name a few, have decided to take charge of immigrant defense", he says.


"The country is totally divided, full of hatreds, resentments, a very dangerous desire for vengeance, and with very little tolerance. What is being discussed here is how to resist Trump", he added.


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Such apocalyptic, dogmatic terms are what one expects to hear from the religious fanatic that is unable to see anyone beyond the label of faithful or heretic. As we've seen recently, even deportations of criminal aliens are unacceptable to Ramos, who quadruples down on "anti-immigrant", the overused pejorative with which he describes those who believe in some form of border control.

If that weren't conclusive proof that Ramos is intent on tripling down on his race-war rhetoric, here's what he told Proceso magazine (MX) in an interview excerpt that ran on Inauguation Day:

How then to deal with Turmp and his administration before these two factions? (media who just want access to White House and media who are adversarial to Trump) he is asked.

"With resistance, defiance and vigilance. He must constantly be watched. Trump's not going to change just because he got to the White House."

Resistance, defiance, and the deliberate stoking of racial tension are what we can expect from Jorge Ramos. It is that reflexive opposition that compels viewers that expect factual reporting on events as they happen (rather than political posturing as news) to continue to tune Ramos out. It is safe to say that he still hasn't learned anything.