Caught! Univision Sugarcoated Details of Brazile Exit From CNN

November 1st, 2016 3:47 PM

News organizations can show bias by either exaggerating details of a story, or by minimizing them. Minimization suppresses the scandalous nature of certain stories as we see, for example, through this report from last night's edition of Noticiero Univision.

This is how Univision anchor María Elena Salinas crammed the entirety of yesterday's "Donna Brazile leaves CNN" story into a 30-second blurb:

MARÍA ELENA SALINAS, ANCHOR, UNIVISION: The news network CNN revealed today that Donna Brazille, who was one of their political commentators, had shared to friends of hers on Hillary Clinton's campaign journalistic questions to be made at different events sponsored by CNN. Brazille, who left CNN temporarily in July in order to accept a position with the Democratic National Committee, later tendered her resignation to the network.

There is a lot of obfuscation packed into those 28 or so seconds.

Despite the "Filtraciones" graphic in the featured image -"filtraciones" means "leaks"- the blurb makes no mention of the manner in which the world came to learn of Brazile's unethical disclosures to the Clinton campaign. Of course, it was WikiLeaks- the same organization that exposed Univision and proved the basis of its collusion (on the TV side) with the Clinton campaign.

As NewsBusters' Managing Editor Curtis Houck pointed out, it was more than one question disclosed to the Clinton campaign, and these unethical disclosures happened over the course of several events. Also missing from the story is the fact that these "journalistic" questions were also asked at presidential debates- a word that never makes it into the story because it is encompassed within the anodyne and generic "events". Viewers are left with no way to gauge what these "events" were, or their significance to the election, or why Brazile's malfeasance would be such a big deal so as to cause CNN to terminate their relationship with her.

MRC Founder L. Brent Bozell is right that the entire story is "sleazy". For Univision to obscure the details of this story is no less unsavory.