Univision Anchor Sounds Like Leonardo DiCaprio On Climate Dissidents

October 14th, 2016 1:14 PM

As we have reported before and will most certainly report again, there is an agenda at Univision that extends far beyond immigration, that goes well into the progressive policy basket. Here is yet another instance where a news anchor at that network is outspoken about his particular biases regarding an issue that he may later report on.

No, it's not Jorge Ramos.

The last time we shone a light on Enrique Acevedo (anchor of Univision's late-night national newscast, Edición Nocturna), we took a look at his hair-trigger islamist apologia.

Comes now Acevedo with a tweet, in which he sounds utterly DiCaprio-esque with this scorching-hot take on those who are skeptical of anthropogenesis as a cause of climate change, and their fitness to serve in government:

This dismissiveness towards those who hold a different opinion on the root causes of climate change is a clear reflection of the "no two sides" culture that has poisoned Univision's news division. Acevedo is certainly free to exclude "climate deniers" from elected office from within the sanctity of the voting booth, but he should bear in mind his twitter feed is an extension of his seat at the news anchor desk. 

Of course, Acevedo's hot takes are not limited to climate change. Bear witness to his grande pensées on border security, the Havana peace accord between the Colombian government and the narco-marxist FARC rebels, gun control, and his call for the resignation of the president of Mexico (there's also some América fandom, but Liga MX is well outside of the scope of the biases that I analyze).  

If you look at Acevedo's twitter bio, you'll read that "A well-told story makes change". Perhaps Mr. Acevedo should instead focus his efforts on reporting well-told facts, and allowing his viewers to make change on their own. Those who rely on him for their nightly news coverage deserve no less.