Horrific DC-Area Rape Story Underreported on Spanish Nets

April 13th, 2016 1:21 PM

Our nation has been rocked, yet again, by news of horrific crimes committed against the most vulnerable among us, by individuals who are in this country illegally. Sadly, our domestic Spanish-language networks have once again chosen to be derelict in their duty to fully inform the community; by either hiding the suspects' immigration status if not blacking out the story altogether.

Two Honduran nationals, here illegally, were arrested and charged in connection with the kidnapping and brutal rape of a 12-year-old girl. Although initial charges were filed in Montgomery County, Maryland, it is believed that portions of this crime were committed in Arlington County, Virginia as well, which would trigger additional federal charges. D.C.'s Fox 5 minced no words when describing the suspects:

WASHINGTON - Federal authorities have confirmed to FOX 5 that they are seeking to detain two illegal immigrants that are under arrest in Montgomery County with the rape and kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl.


Now, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said both men are in the country illegally from Honduras and the agency has now placed a detainer on both men.

An ICE spokesperson said what that means is if Carbajal and Tome happened to be released or are convicted and serve their full sentence, they would have to be turned over to the federal government for possible deportation.

In sum: "illegal" both in the lead and in the portion related to the ICE detainer placed on the defendants.

Monday's edition of Noticiero Univisión was, shall we say...much less forthcoming regarding the status of the defendants as well as with the ICE statement.

LOURDES MELUZA, UNIVISION REPORTER: ICE confirmed to Univision that the suspects are Honduran, and that it has filed a detainer on both. They should be handed over to ICE upon completion of their sentences. "ICE only issues detainers for individuals we believe to be deportable", as stated by their spokesperson.

Big difference between "Honduran" and "illegally from Honduras", no? Univision's viewers have no indication as to the immigration status of the defendants, and the "deportable" descriptor is an intentionally vague manipulation of actual facts. "Deportable" as under ICE jurisdiction could mean anyone from illegal to permanent resident, so this is really little more than word salad. In addition, unlike Fox 5, Univision's story featured no statements by opponents to liberal sanctuary city policies.

But at least Univision covered the story. Telemundo, however, went with a total black-out. Perhaps the abduction and rape of a minor across state lines by illegal immigrants just outside the nation's capital is something that doesn't fit neatly with Telemundo's splashy run-up to the upcoming DAPA/DACA Supreme Court showdown ("The Final Decision"). Regardless, the decision to black out a story such as this one flies in the face of the network's commitment to "just-the-facts" hard news. 

Regular readers of this byline are no strangers to Jorge Ramos' assertion that the continued inflow of Spanish-dominant immigrants ("legally or otherwise") is central to the continued survival of our domestic Spanish-language networks. The politics of this business decision is evident in how these networks cover matters relating to immigration, sanctuary cities, and more broadly, national security. But business decisions such as these, made mostly in boardrooms and executive suites, have real-world consequences.

And now there is a shattered 12-year-old who has to bear them.

p.s.: Lest all you D.C. locals were left wondering - no worries. The Washington Post also chickened out. "Maryland men", indeed.