Univision Goes After Melania

True to its consistently anti-Trump motif, Univision has now turned its attention to Melania Trump’s history as an immigrant to the U.S., making the subject the top story on the network’s weekly public affairs program, Al Punto.

Unsurprisingly, Univision’s report on Melania made liberal use of old photos of the former model in various states of undress and racy attire. The report by Univision investigative correspondent Gerardo Reyes made repeated use of such photos while discussing Melania’s past with various sources, including her former agent, Paolo Zampalli.

Anchor Jorge Ramos then went on to raise the issue of Melania’s immigrant past with Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-CA) who justified it because, in his words, her husband "attacks immigrants.”

JORGE RAMOS, ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Is it valid to attack the wife of a candidate for President?

REP. XAVIER BECERRA (D-CA): It's valid to attack the candidate for the Presidency that attacks immigrants. I'm not attacking Mrs. Trump. I'm not attacking the fact that she is here. I am proud of being the son of immigrants. I know you are also proud of being an immigrant to this country. But attacking her is not the issue. Attacking the candidate that attacks immigrants is the issue.


At least at the end of the report, Ramos did include Melania’s statement, issued via Twitter, in which she says she has “at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country.”

For Univision, the focus on Melania was clearly much more important to bring before viewers than any other current issue involving the presidential candidates, including the latest Clinton email revelations that point to “pay to play” collusion between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department. The latter subject received scarcely a single minute of discussion during the entire program.

To underscore the lopsided anti-Trump tenor of the show, Ramos went on to dedicate a whole other segment to two anti-Trump Republicans, former United States Treasurer Rosario Marín and former U.S. Agency for International Development official Adolfo Franco.

Marín and Franco discussed their virulently anti-Trump views with Ramos for over seven and a half minutes, with no pro-Trump perspectives included. Marín went so far as to question “How can a Latino Republican vote for this man? Do we have no shame?”


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