Senator Marsha Blackburn BASHES Big Tech for COVID Origin Theory Censorship

May 26th, 2021 12:04 PM

Throughout the pandemic, Big Tech censored mountains of claims that COVID-19 may have originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Now, however, new evidence has made the laboratory origin claim a more widely accepted theory.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) released a statement condemning Big Tech for censoring Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s comments about the potential origin of COVID-19.

Blackburn railed against Big Tech for censoring Dr. Yan’s comments.“Big Tech overlords Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey owe Chinese virologist Dr. [Li]-Meng Yan a personal apology after Facebook censored her content and Twitter deleted her account when she spoke out with evidence on the origins of COVID,” said Blackburn. “The more we learn, the clearer it is that Communist China played a role in killing millions of people. This is why Big Tech must never be the arbiter of truth.”

Facebook censored an article from Fox News in September 2020 that featured a segment from Tucker Carlson Tonight. In the interview, Dr. Yan claimed that COVID-19 was “created in the lab ... and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage.” Yan also said that she “work[ed] in the WHO reference lab, which is the top coronavirus lab in the world, in the University of Hong Kong.” When asked whether she “believed” that the COVID-19 virus was released “on purpose,” Dr. Yan responded, “Yes, of course, it's intentionally.”

Big Tech had a field day with Dr. Yan’s comments. Twitter reportedly censored her account. Facebook slapped the article with fact-checks such as “False: Baseless Conspiracy Theories Claim New Coronavirus Was Bioengineered” by and “Fact check: Coronavirus not man-made or engineered but its origin remains unclear” by USA Today. USA Today has since updated its fact-check “to reflect current information on the origin of the novel coronavirus.”

Blackburn has long called out Big Tech for censoring Dr. Yan and suppressing opposing views on the origins of COVID-19. “@TuckerCarlson interviewed a Chinese Virologist who believes the Wuhan virus was made in a lab. @Facebook censored it and @Twitter removed the scientist’s account. When will Big Tech stop protecting the #CCP?” Blackburn tweeted in September 2020.

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