Musk Met Schumer on AI. Here's What They Said About Meeting

April 28th, 2023 7:07 PM

Twitter CEO and artificial intelligence critic Elon Musk met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other congressmen recently to discuss how to ensure AI will do “good” instead of “evil.”

Musk tweeted April 26, “Met with @SenSchumer and many members of Congress about artificial intelligence regulation today.” Musk, both an investor in and critic of AI, continued, “That which affects safety of the public has, over time, become regulated to ensure that companies do not cut corners. AI has great power to do good and evil. Better the former.”

Musk even tweeted sappy praise of Schumer. “I met with many other senior Democratic Party leaders too, many of whom, including Chuck Schumer, I have known for well over a decade,” Musk wrote in the tweet. “The Schumer meeting was over an hour. He was kind, thoughtful and asked insightful questions about AI. This man cares about the American people.”

This came as Sen. Schumer proposed a regulatory framework for AI in April. Schumer told reporters he and Musk had a “very good meeting.” They reportedly discussed everything from Musk’s Buffalo, NY, Tesla plant to AI.

As MRC Free Speech America has previously reported, Schumer is not the most reliable when it comes to reining in Big Tech. He previously stalled antitrust bills while his daughters worked for Big Tech companies. Schumer also suggested TikTok should be banned, but failed to take decisive action.

Vice President of MRC Free Speech America & MRC Business Dan Schneider called out Schumer's political show. “Biden and Schumer are pretending to look busy but they are just flacking for Big Tech,” he said. “We should be in war time footing but instead Democrats are playing four corners offense on behalf of their base: Big Tech.”

 MRC Free Speech America found an increase in censorship on Twitter after his takeover. The New York Times reported Musk was stepping up his AI efforts. Musk has called for a pullback on AI development, however.

Musk signed a recent open letter from Big Tech CEOs, leaders and experts calling for a pause on AI. It remains to be seen what effect that letter and Schumer’s proposed regulations will have.

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