How Sincere Is Sen. Chuck Schumer on Regulating Artificial Intelligence?

April 13th, 2023 6:50 PM

Sen. Chuck Schumer is making plans to regulate artificial intelligence, but is this just another show of holding anti-free speech Big Tech companies accountable?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is moving toward artificial intelligence (AI) regulation, Axios reported April 13. “A recent explosion in the development of generative AI systems has spurred alarm among lawmakers and the broader public about AI's potential social, economic and security ramifications,” Axios reported. Biden’s Commerce Department is also starting to look to create “AI safety rules,” but legislation could be needed, the outlet added.

“Biden and Schumer are pretending to look busy but they are just flacking for Big Tech,” said Vice President of MRC Free Speech America Dan Schneider. “We should be in war time footing but instead Democrats are playing four corners offense on behalf of their base: Big Tech.”

Axios cited an anonymous source to claim that Schumer is leading an “urgent and time sensitive” push to write legislation to regulate AI. Schumer is focused on transparency and has consulted experts, the outlet asserted. Axios quoted the four key points of the reported framework:

“1. The identification of who trained the algorithm and who its intended audience is.

“2. The disclosure of its data source.

“3. An explanation for how it arrives at its responses.

“4. Transparent and strong ethical boundaries.”

The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), according to Axios, is also seeking recommendations regarding the government’s role concerning AI. Axios admitted the federal government moves slowly, however.

Federal slowness might well be deliberate. Back in January 2022, MRC Free Speech America reported that Schumer was in control of which antitrust bills would come up for a vote, while his daughters were employed by Big Tech. While Schumer’s daughters worked for Facebook and Amazon, antitrust legislation went nowhere. Coincidence?

The Biden administration was similarly slow to react to the national security concerns regarding communist Chinese government-tied TikTok. The Biden White House reportedly received numerous visits from TikTok representatives throughout his tenure in office to date. The Biden administration recently and hypocritically banned TikTok from federal devices, but then recruited TikTokers to work with the White House to spread pro-Biden messages online.

Will the same contradictory behavior continue with developing potential AI regulation?

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